Friday, March 23, 2007

Your cancer correspondent

Greetings Friends of Susan!

Paula Johnson here. Just checking in to let you know I'll be blogging for our favorite lymphomaniac during her sleep-overs at the City of Hope.

I would like to think Susan picked me because I have a journalism degree and once worked as a newspaper editor. In reality, I likely got this gig because I am the only person she knows who knows how to use Blogger.

Either way, I accept the honor!


Susan Carrier said...

I'm the one who's honored to have a world-class, award-winning writer, comic and good friend serve as my "cancer correspondent."

Piper Robert said...

Paula, from all the Strothers, thank you for being such good friend to my sister. We all love her very much. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Did you know she is the world's greatest Aunt?

denise said...

I'm so glad I'll get to meet the ghost writer tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing and meeting all of you.

Carolyn H. said...

Paula, I think it is great you'll be the cancer correspondent! I was worried we'd have long stretches with no news and lots of concern. I'm glad you'll be on the job. I enjoy your posts. Perhaps someday I'll get to experience your comedy routine.

Judy said...

Hmm. From comedienne to cancer correspondent. Is that a lateral move?
Just kidding. We all love and adore you. I know you'll be able to put just the right spin on things. This will give our own Susan a breather and a chance to flush all the toxins in the privacy of her state-of-the-art City of Hope hospital suite.

Idelle said...

Paula, so glad you're there.

Troy said...

Hi Paula. So glad you're filling in for Susan! I wondered how we would get updates on her City of Hope voyage.
BTW, I must have missed you at Susan's on Sunday. I know that we've met before but I'm having trouble putting your name with a face.
And btw, your lymphomaniac coinage is perfect!