Thursday, March 29, 2007

Colon Clean as a Whistle

This mini post is to share the good news that my colon is cancer-free! Hurrah!


Paula Johnson said...

"my colon is cancer-free!"

I think you should really spread the word—and put that on a t-shirt. Heh, heh, heh.


skye moorhead said...

what a great visit, susan
tack sharp
sharper than I am on a good post yoga day
karen and I just watched you being strong
and amazing
remarking on the way home
that we want to be like you

skye moorhead said...


Karen said...

(It's Mrs. Duck.) Yay!!!! I'd say more, except that I just got in to work, after three hours sleep, and I have a deadline to meet! I'll check in again later.

denise said...

Wow - so much in such a short time. Just was able to steal a moment away from Shane (things are going better than expected - whew!!!). I can't believe how much is going on. I've been thinking about you constantly. So far sounds like you're kicking some chemo butt!!!!! Well, off to steal a moment to stare off at the few feet of snow that pounded us all day yesterday - sun is shining today - beautiful.

Thinking of you often.

SAMO Calling said...

Woo hoo! Clean AND Cancer free!
Who knew your colon news could make me so happy!

PS: On a nutritional note, I'm imagining what you could have for breakfast while I add ground flax seed to my NF Light yogurt which is making a paste. Eeeeek.

Susan Carrier said...

I felt so good this morning that I ordered the most fattening thing on the breakfast menu - biscuits and gravy. This grub does not hold a candle to Bob Evans' and their famous bisucuits with sausage gravy. (You east of the Mississippi folks will know what I mean.)

The last time I ate at Bob's was at a family breakfast before my niece's wedding at the Ogelby Resort in West Virginia three years ago. Their biscuits and gravy are so arty-clogging that every three years is my quota.

cgfryling said...

Great news Susan. We are thinking of you and are relieved to hear that you are tolerating the treatments. You are so amazing!!!

Thanks to Paula for the updates as well.

Love from all here, Carla

Karen said...

Yay! Go colon!! :-)

Idelle said...


Great colonoscopy results! Glad the procedure is "behind" you (sorry, couldn't resist. I'll spare you the joke about finding Jimmy Hoffa...)

JN said...

Susan, I love your attitude of gratitude -- a clean colon and biscuits 'n gravy are the best of news! Jane

Piper Robert said...
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Piper Robert said...

Great news, Sis!!! If I didn't know better, it sounds like your partying. Every milestone is a cause for celebration.

Just for fun, say this quote in a W.C. Fields voice: "Oh yes, I remember it well, the Bob Evans breakfast before Maude's wedding..........I actually heard us getting fatter." I can overnight some Bob Evans' biscuits and gravy if you'd like. As a matter of fact, I know what I'm having for dinner tonight.

Did you know our family lived on the Isle of Skye? I thought it was pretty cool your friend spells her name S-K-Y-E. Very scottish.

My sources in Catfish Hollow tell me to try Takumi for the best sushi in LA. Its sushi bar is headed by Hiro, who spent the last eight years at Sushi Gen. It's located at the southwest entrance of Little Tokyo, on 2nd street. Have you heard about it?

Judy said...

Awesome news, Susan.

I guess that means they didn't find any gerbils either! Oh, I just couldn't resist.

Can you tell I've been watching too many "Scrubs" and "Grey's Anatomy" reruns?

Hugs to you, my brave buddy.

Margaret Finnegan said...

Hooray for the good news!


Dianne Sperling said...

I can no longer remember life without Google, nor can I imagine not being able to instantly find at least some information about something I need to know this very instant, or having a pique of curiousity that must be salved, or just plain boredom that can be relieved by googling something of minor interest.

Did you know, for example, that you can do an inter-active colonosopy on-line?

Glad to hear that you're squeaky clean, Susan!

Cyber Hugs, Dianne

Tara said...

Sooooo glad your colon is not full of it!! love ya!!