Sunday, March 4, 2007

It Aint Easy Being Green

Before all my environmentalist friends get their CFLs in a twist and I start receiving hate mail from Melissa Etheridge, let me explain: It aint easy being green behind the gills.

As I wrote earlier, the spinal tap was a breeze, but my reaction to a touch of chemo I received was not. On Friday, I left work early and took to my bed for 2.5 hours. I cancelled lunch with a friend. I missed the wedding of my friends David and Patricia. But, hey, I don't like missing out on life, so I pulled myself together to attend their beautiful reception in Pasadena. I nibbled on appetizers and sipped red wine and ended up spending the next 15 minutes . . . (I think you can guess where.)

George took me home before dinner and I had to ask him to "please pull over" two more times. I called the ER at CoH and the nurse on duty had the doctor call in a prescription of Atavan. It works for the nausea, but also puts me straight to slumber land.

Saturday was much of the same. I pulled myself out of bed, tried to take Cindy and her boyfriend, Andrew, to the Farmer's Market (our Saturday ritual), but couldn't make it without decorating the streets of Pasadena and Altadena, if ya' know what I mean.

Today is Sunday and I'm fine as long as I relax in bed. But it's a drag not to be able to do the things I want and need to do.

And just in case you're still worried that this Prius-driving, CFL-using, tree hugging greenie has gone brown, I'm offering a free CFL to the first person who leaves a comment. (A CFL - compact fluorescent light bulb - uses 25% of the energy and lasts 10 times as long as a traditional light bulb.)


Karen C said...

Leave it to you to make a joke about being sick on the side of the road. Love your Blog. Remember, it is OK to rest. Take care of yourself.

Susan Carrier said...

Congratulations, Karen of Union City. You are the official winnner of the Cancer Baner CFL give away! Al and Mellissa will be proud!


Paula Johnson said...

I feel kind of guilty for enjoying your blog so much. I mean, since the catalyst was CANCER, and all. But I guess a blog about shoe shopping would not have the same punch.

maryalexnina said...

OK you know how aggrrivating I can be with my
"I've been there..and I know all about...... "
Well now I'm trying to keep up with you!
I'm actually scheduled to have a biopy this Thursday
I suddlenly developed a lump on my thriod and I'm having an ultra sound + needle biopsy
Friends can really be sympta thetic!!!!!
See you tonight ! I'm ready for some laughs.

maryalexnina said...

What! no spell check on this blogspot!
Corrections: Thyriod & Biopsy

Susan Carrier said...

Oh yea - we KNOW how much you love spellcheck!

In our current conditions, we should BOTH arrange for rides home from the show!

Abby said...

I wish for you a bushel of bile-free hysterics tonight.