Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bon Voyage

A lot of friends have called to let me know that they'd like to see me before I set sail on my Hyper CVAD voyage on March 26.

I've decided that the easiest way to see everyone is to host a little "bon voyage" open house. I call it a bon voyage party because I figure I'm going to be pretty sea sick from the treatment.

Please stop by on Sunday, March 25, from 11 am to 2 pm. Stay as long or as little as you like. I don't promise a fancy spread but can guarantee a mimosa to sip and a bagel to nosh.

If you need a reminder of our address, please email me privately.

I hope that my out-of-state friends who can't attend will raise their orange juice glasses in a toast to a smooth voyage.


Janet Aird said...

Thank you! Donnie and I would love to be there. We'll bring a dessert - let me know if that isn't ok.

You're amazing.

Karen C said...

Ken and I will have a long distance mimosa with you.

cgfryling said...

Count us in long distance as well. Jim and I will have afternoon bagels while you West Coast friends are having brunch

xxxooo Carla

Piper Robert said...

Hi, Ninnie Choo Choo. Slàinte mhòr agad!

Buain na Ràinich

Tha mi sgìth, 's mi leam fhìn,

Buain na ràinich, buain na ràinich,

Tha mi sgìth, 's mi leam fhìn,

Buain na ràinich daonnan.

This is an old gaelic tune, about cutting bracken and being tired and all alone. One can feel sorry for themselves (like the singer) or do as Susan suggested and raise our glasses in a toast to Ninnie Choo Choo. Three cheers for my sister......hip hip.....

p.s. Just in case your wondering about the "Ninnie Choo Choo". When I was very young, I pronounced my sister's name, Linda Sue, as Ninnie Choo Choo.

myrna steinman said...

Hi Susan!!

Finally was able to get a comment on here!!!! Not sure how I finally succeeded.

Great idea! Look forward to giving you a BIG HUG!

Count on me for an appetizer


Paula Johnson said...

I will be there, with something in hand. Don't know what just yet.

I am just tickled your sister spilled the "Ninnie Choo Choo" beans. That is just hilarious.

Karen said...

It's Mrs. Duck (Karen Karl). I was stunned to hear about what you're going through (from Rose) and then to read your blog, which is a revelation. I'll come by, with an edible accompaniment, on Sunday.

denise said...

See ya then with a bottle of bubbly :)

Susan Carrier said...

Thanks to my brother, "Piper Robert," you all are finding out all kinds of things about me.
- That my real name is "Linda Sue," not Susan
- That my brother's nickname for me is "Ninny Choo Choo"
- That my brother, a professional bag piper, is fanatical about the Scottish half of our family tree. (Who else would quote Gaelic verse?) I, on the other hand, lean towards the Japanese half.

SAMO Calling said...

Susan -
Well that certainly explains a lot of mystery surrounding you all these years! Thanks for the explanation. I was beginning to think I'd drifted onto another blog. See you on Sunday.

scott hartstein said...

Hi Susan,

For what little it's worth, I used to read "Harry Potter" to kids with cancer here in Memorial Hospital in Long Beach. Their eyes lit up and in that brilliant glow, in that yearning to be touched by the magic of fantastic words, in that sheer promise of the imagination, the mind over matter as it is oft called, they seemed to leave their bodies for more than a time, yes, a good time. I'm reminded of your own well-trained eyes and sunny, hopeful vision of life. Here is but a small reminder then of a great love--yours,

Scott (from the Pasadena bookclub...)

suzy said...

Darling Susan, I and mine will be there too with a treat to share. (I am lucky today, it worked! Sometimes it lets me on and others, not.) I am praying those COH problems be resolved immediately. I can be a tough ombudsman and advocate for you...I have had experience in this area...just let me know. PS my nickname was Suzy Banana so now my nursing students call me MS. Banana! Ready to set sail with you Choo Choo

Emily M. said...

The Mathews' will be there in spirit! Don't mind to make myself a mimosa to join you that day, either! I agree Dad, "hooray!" And I always wondered from where Ninnie Choo Choo came?
Can't wait to visit when the time is right.

Emily M. said...

Ps. Seems Will has sided with the Japanese portion of our family, too. Jesse has dubbed him "Mr. Miyagi." He does show a slight resemblance?

Michele Zack said...

I'll be there with something good.

Michele Zack said...

I'll be there with something good.

Michele Zack said...

I'll be there with something good.