Thursday, March 29, 2007


I told Paula that being online at the City of Hope has changed my life, but she thought MCL might just be a little more life-altering.

It's great to be writing and reading the blog again. Paula's posts are golden and your comments inspire me and help me stay connected. (Yes, I confess - I'm addicted to comments nearly as much as I am to the Benadryl that drips through my veins.)

I'm hoping that these lucid moments will last, but who knows. Paula has previously warned me about the perils of blogging while blottoed on medication. Just this afternoon, during Skye's and Karen's visit, I found that I couldn't access the word "closet." It kept coming out "cottage." Blame it on the Atavan!

In spite of the minor word confusion, it was a delightful visit, with all three of us animated and engaged, but I can't make any promises to future visitors about my ability to carry on a coherent conversation. I can at least share with you the beautiful album of candid photos that Skye took at the Bon Voyage party. After all, a picture's still worth a thousand words.


SAMO Calling said...

Oh boy're a nut!

Hey, you mention that you sleep in until 7:30 pm when you don't take Cindy to school. Is that really true or is that your cottage typing?

I've been reading your blog aloud to Jeff (instead of watching Grey's Anatomy). He sends greetings, wishes and says he happy to hear you're back at the blog. Good nite. I'll check in tomorrow.

Susan Carrier said...

Mea culpa! 7:30 AM it is, but pm is a combination of wishful thinking and the drugs!

BTW, Cottage (Oops, I mean Cindy) told me how great it felt to melt into your arms when she saw you on Sunday. She didn't want to let go.