Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tuesday Discharge

Dr. Forman thought I would be discharged on Sunday. My case manager nurse figured Monday. But Insoon, a sharp on-duty nurse, did the math and calculated that my last bag will finish dripping into my veins at 4 am on Tuesday. That means that I'll be discharged by noon on Tuesday.

It's now 2:35 am and, in spite of the pre-chemo Atavan drip, I can't sleep. I'm longing to be back in my saggy California king bed beside my snoring husband, two orange cats and matted dog.


JN said...

I, too, did not sleep well. In my case the cause was a saggy, king-size water bed with insufficient water, and a too loud TV in the other room. I hope to come by later and maybe teach you some yoga breathing that will either a) help you fall asleep; or, b) help you be more relaxed about the fact that you're not sleeping.


Karen said...

Hey, I didn't sleep well either! I blame it on hormonal fluctuations ... grrr.

Actually, the Tuesday discharge makes sense. I was looking at that paperwork the other day and wondering how they were going to squeeze all those treatments in by Sunday.

I might be able to squeeze in a quick visit on Monday morning. Want me to drop by with the papers and a coffee for you?

skye moorhead said...

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Paula Johnson said...

George snores?!

Piper Robert said...

After a very busy day with lots of visitors, you'll have a very deep, relaxing sleep tonight. As Grandma used to say, "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Tara said...

Once again I'm up and STILL on California time. It's pathetic to me that I could get over the 7 hour time change (Latvia/America) better than I can a simple trip across 3 time zones from Virginia to sunny CA. But, I always have done MUCH better traveling east to west than west to east. West to east gets me every time. I made Travis promise me to wake me up early tomorrow so I can stay up all day and beat my body back into submission to EST. Supposed to be rainy and dreary all day long, so if I can make it through tomorrow, I'll be functioning normally for the back to back 80 degree days in store for me Mon and Tues.

~Thinking of you through any sleepless nights. I also dealt with non-reality based sleep schedules for my many months struggles with menegitis. It tends to freak a body out, but I agree with your brother: Many visitors hopefully will wipe you out, covering you in a sweet exhaustedness.

Tara said...

ps, the blog time says 9:52pm, but real time here is 12:54 am, April first ~ no foolin'

jfk said...

I am one of those night owls too - it gives me a chance to catch up on the important things in life that somehow get left until the wee hours. Like checking in on good friends. Hooray - Home Sweet Home is only a day away. I am sure you will not miss the CofH "ammenities." You have met the challenge with courage and humor!

Lilli said...

It's been said before, but it is true: There's no place like home. A snoring man, orange cats and matted dog sound like heaven. Okay, except the snoring part.