Wednesday, March 28, 2007

News from "the inside"

I missed Susan's 7:30 a.m. telephone call (note to self: stop taking showers), but she left a detailed message. She said that after meeting with Dr. Foreman, all her doubts about the delays and drama of starting treatment just vanished. So she feels she is in very good hands.

George called at 9:30 a.m. (note to self: stop leaving the house) and provided more details.

On today's agenda is the colonoscopy, followed by the installation of a "permanent" IV line. This sounds a bit fearsome, but it's a whole lot better than getting punctured in a new place each time.

The chemo will start later today, as will powerful drugs to inhibit nausea. Susan said they let her know the anti-nausea meds will likely all but knock her out. Hey, catching Z's beats blowing chunks, am I right?

In an earlier post, Susan shared information about visiting her. To recap/update:

• The CoH visitor guidelines are here.

• You may call 626/256-4673 and ask for the "nurse on duty" for Susan Carrier to see if she is up to having visitors.

• Susan is in room #5231, if you want to send a card. (CoH is very picky about flowers and plants, so check the guidelines first.)

Y'know gang, it might make sense to give Susan a day or two so she can settle in and gauge her energy level (or lack of same). Visitors are so much more fun when one is conscious.

That's all for now...


Rebecca said...

We are thinking of you here in Boston, Susan! Watching the blog religiously. Paula, you're a good soul! But we already knew that. ;)

Karen said...

G'day Susan. It's Mrs. Duck (should I say Ms. Duck, to be politically correct?) I don't know what happened to my Mrs. Duck account, but I couldn't access it today.

I hope yesterday went well, that you had delicious dreams (to make up for not wanting to eat during the day), and that everything goes well today. I am relieved and glad to know you're happy with your doctor.

We all know the force is with you. What blows me away is how much love and how many thoughts are with you, too. How many people have hundreds of friends, who truly care about them? Most of us aren't bursting with the kind of eagrness, love and energy it takes to share life with so many others. You are truly unique, an inspiration to us all.

Have a good day. Stay strong. You've got the entire Carrier Nation behind you! (Colbert should be so lucky!)

Anonymous said...

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