Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's in YOUR Back Yard?

Since green has been a recurring theme in my blogs (It Aint Easy Being Green; Avocados, Anyone?; Holy Guacamole), it's only fitting that I tip my pen to St. Patrick today with another "green" posting.

After I blogged about the magical "leprachaun" who harvested several dozen avocados from my back yard, I learned that avocados are more than a guacamole ingredient (unless you're Kraft Foods). The nutrient-rich "alligator pears" are also steeped in cancer-inhibiting anitoxidants. Seems I should have been harvesting and eating those avocados all along.

When I came home from the office today, a fresh batch of guacamole was waiting for me, compliments of Andrew, Cindy's boyfriend. All three of the ingredients he used were found in our own back yard. I knew that Meyers lemons were in abundance, but I had no idea that last summer's tomato plants were still yielding fruit. The end result was a delicious and satisfying dip.

And the greatest satisfaction came from discovering, once again, something I'd missed in my yard and in life.

What have YOU recently discovered in your own "back yard" (both the literal one and the metaphorical one). I hope you'll share in the comments section.


Diane Fisher said...

Top o’ the mornin’ to you, Susan,

Speaking of things green and things found in our back yards . . . I have long had an affection for frogs, dating from my first job in high school. I worked in a medical lab after school and on Saturdays. One of my duties was to take care of the frogs. They were used for pregnancy tests back in the olden days and, until needed, were kept slow and quiet in the vegetable bin of the fridge. I would take them out (usually a couple dozen) and give them a weekly bath under the faucet. I had to work fast, or they’d start to warm up and I’d be chasing the little “hopped up” critters all over the lab.
Now I collect frogs: ceramic ones, glass ones, clay ones, wooden ones, fiberglass, plastic, you name it. But I also have a couple of real ones living in the soggy places in my back yard. They often serenade me with their contented “rrrrib-bit, rrrrib-bit.” I love to hear them. They help me connect with the simplicity that is life at its most authentic. After all, it’s enough just to be here.
My heart and those of my froggies are with you.
Love, Diane

Susan Carrier said...

I LOVE your frog story, Diane. Thanks for sharing it.

This is fun. I want to hear MORE back yare stories!

Susan Carrier said...

That's "back yard," not "back yare."

I wish there was a way to edit posts!

amber said...

Strength and hope... I have been reading your blog for a few days now and I am finding myself very drawn to your writings. I walk away each time with either new hope in prayer for you or new strength which you have given to me (that I didn't know that I was in need of). Thank you...isn't it funny how things work out. This is some sort of therapy for you and you have become a very positive influence on my soul. I am thinking of you often and wishing the very best for you.
xoxo...Amber (Lon and Lola)

Susan Carrier said...

How perfectly wonderful to read your comment.


Tara said...

My back yard consists of 5 acres of fun for my 5 and 7 year olds. We have a swing set, chicken coop, good ol' dirt pile and an awesome sledding hill. It's wonderful to see my kids stretching their imaginations daily and having an adventure for free. Right now they are pretending to be a cat and a horse around the yard, enjoying our blessed 50 degree weather. Can't wait to see what they do with their first taste of CA.