Friday, March 23, 2007

The Headlines

There's so much to say, but so little time to say it. Here are the headlines.

  • Susan Sports Stylish New Pixie Cut
  • Carrier Family Dog Remains Ungroomed
  • MD Anderson Votes "Thumbs Up" for Hyper CVAD + Rituxin
  • MD Anderson Advises "Wait and See" Approach to Stem Cell Transplant
  • Lontz Family Arrives from Virginia
  • Lontz Children Thrilled by Palm Trees and Mountains
  • Susan Takes on Major Rehab Project Before Treatment
  • Painters to Finish by Saturday
  • Paula Takes Over as Cancer Correspondent
  • Mighty Oak in Carrier Yard Must Fall
  • Carriers to Host Open House On Sunday


Piper Robert said...

Atta girl, Ninnie Choo Choo. Glad to see your still very active. Love ya!!!

Paula Johnson said...

Hey, we need a CNN-style "news crawl" at the bottom of our screens to keep up with everything.

Desiree said...

looking forward to seeing the pixie

Carolyn H. said...

What!?! Your oak tree must come down? That's terrible!

Carolyn H. said...

But seriously...

I am unhappy to hear about the fate of your oak tree, but somehow that news must take its place in line with the other dramatic headlines. I'd been wondering what MA Anderson was thinking. Glad they agree with the impending treatment. The Wait and See advice for the follow-up sounds wise too. I'm glad you got concurrence.

I second piper's opinion that I admire your continued activity. You go girl!

Looking forward to admiring the new paint and the new hairdo and tut-tutting over the neglected dog (just make crystal clear: I AM JOKING about the dog).

See you tomorrow.

Dani said...

Two lymph nodes up...WAY up to both you and Paula! I am so glad that you e-mailed me so that I could join the happy thoughts tribe. (I believe that, whether on the personal or spiritual level, having people surrounding and supporting you is ALWAYS a good thing.) I know you are going to start another step in the healing process on Monday. So I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that one more is out there loving you!

Piper Robert said...

Have a great day with the open house. Pixie cut??? Cool. Also, don't cut down the oak tree. That's too drastic a change, you wouldn't like it. Love ya!!!

Lisa Cooper-Keil said...

I just read this article and I am so excited. This is the field of research that my step-son is studying!

An Australian biotechnology firm said on Thursday it had developed a means of delivering anti-cancer drugs directly to cancer cells, which aims to avoid the debilitating toxicity associated with chemotherapy.

The method uses nanotechnology, which involves micro-machines far smaller than a human cell.

Direct targeting of chemotherapy drugs would allow dosages thousands of times lower than that in conventional chemotherapy and be more easily tolerated by patients, said the firm.

Writing in the May issue of U.S.-based Cancer Cell magazine, the biotech firm EnGeneIC said it had developed nano-cells containing chemotherapy drugs.

Via antibodies on their surface, these nano-cells target and latch on to cancer cells. Once attached, the nano-cell is engulfed and the drug is released directly inside the cancer cell.

The firm said the bacterially derived nano-cell, called EnGeneIC delivery vehicles, had proven safe in primate trials and resulted in significant cancer regression.

It hoped to carry out human trials later in 2007 if it gained approval from Australian, U.S., European and Japanese regulatory authorities.

"For the first time there is a real possibility that this technology could lead to the use of multi-drug combinations and eventual custom-made therapies in cancer patients," research scientist Jennifer MacDiarmid said in a statement.

"In terms of tumor therapy, most late-stage cancer patients carry tumor cells that exhibit various forms of drug resistance. Our technology may provide the first in-vivo (inside an organism) solution to this serious hurdle."