Monday, March 26, 2007

Celebration Time

After 35 posts in 28 days, it's finally happened. I'm at a loss for words to describe the overwhelming turnout at my "bon voyage" party on Sunday and the outpouring of love and support.

More than 85 friends joined us at our home to wish me smooth sailing on the SS City of Hope. As promised, I offered bagels, shmears and mimosas, but guests brought every delicacy imaginable, including several selections from the "favorite foods" comments section. Many came with carefully chosen cards, flowers and gifts. Everyone came with love and good wishes for me, George and Cindy.

The afternoon was full of surprises. Latoya, a beautiful young woman of 25 who I've known for 13 years, announced she's pregnant. Rose arrived with the lovely Lola, her new grand baby, in tow. Dave, my fellow lymphomaniac who had a stem cell transplant 10 months ago, made a surprise visit with his puppy Parker. (Pam wrote that he was the healthiest looking guest at the party.) And more than one friend slipped me a "little something for the nausea," if you know what I mean.

It should have come as no surprise to learn that my eclectic assortment of friends liked one another.

As Rich later wrote me, "
I am hoping you can bottle all that love and admiration and take a sip of it every once in awhile if things get difficult." I may not be imbibing much alcohol during my treatment, but I have enough good memories bottled up to keep me intoxicated for a long time.

I raise my glass in thanks to all of my dear friends!


SAMO Calling said...

And that, my dear Susan, was an impromptu Fan Club meeting. There's more to the membership than that little showing!

Love you.

John Morcos said...

Susan, you have touched us with your blog. I am writing you from Kuwait - and I can feel you all the way over here.

Your party sounded amazing. I am sorry I could not attend.

Will see you in April.


Susan Carrier said...

Hey - my first international comment all the way from Kuwait. Good to hear from you, John. I hope you and Terry will have a spectacular time in Barcelona.