Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Avocados, Anyone?

Yesterday, during one of my few lucid moments, I stumbled down the stairs to answer the door. I was going to pretend that I didn't see the person, but he could see me as clearly as I could see him through the glass panels.

A trim, energetic man introduced himself, told me he was 88-years old, and asked me if he could pick the fruit in our back yard. He explained that he was a good tree climber and that he had a ten-foot pole with a bucket at the end. He planned to share the fruit with senior citizens at a nearby nursing home. How could I say "no"?

Ten minutes later, I heard another knock at the door. The beaming man handed me a bag filled with two dozen fresh avocados. "Enjoy these or give em' to your friends," he urged. "Don't you need more to give to the seniors?" I asked. He pointed to two bags bursting with avocados. "I think I have enough and wanted you and your friends to enjoy 'em too."

He went on to tell me that he "still has all his own joints and teeth," is Irish (clearly with the gift of gab) and has a 97-year-old sister who's still climbing trees and picking fruit. I half expected him to do a jig on my front steps.

Now I'm racked with regret. If I had been feeling better, I would have scurried to the back yard t o watch this gentleman in action. Then I would have asked for his name and phone number so that:
  • He could come back in the summer to help harvest plums and apricots and in the fall to pluck persimmons.
  • I could introduce him to my new friends, a trio of peppy Japanese-American widows in their mid-80s.
  • Someone (Debbie at Senior Life?) could do a story about this fascinating guy.
I'm sorry I missed those opportunities, but I still have a bag of fruit.

Avocados, anyone?


Susan K said...

Perhaps this is the counterpoint to "it ain't easy being green"... No? Well, I meant that in terms of food pigment, not in terms of food that makes you hurl.

Susan Carrier said...

As a matter of fact, when I chose the subject line, I was afraid that people would think that I was making reference to the guacamole (aka split pea) hurling scene from "The Exorcist."

Judy said...

Sometimes it's just great to have these inspired moments wash over you. You're so well trained as a journalist you want to document everything! Cut that out.

Who knows? This character might pop up again. Meanwhile, you've got yourself a whole bag of avocadoes. Can you say guacamole? And if there are any left over afterward, I'd take some off your hands.

Best, Judy

Emily M. said...

"I half expected him to do a jig on my front steps."
I laughed out loud :)

suzy said...

you probably will get another visit from that unique man...we just had a great salad last night that Kira made with Avacados and candied walnuts etc. really good. I love the beauty you see in the bowl and the window and the Avacados. I love the beauty I see in you, my Friend. Prayers non stop, Suzy

suzy said...

it worked finally! yahoo! I love this blog! I love you, Susan! i want to see the dvd too...i am laughing just thinking about what a funny person Paula must be. Now that's a gift! You know what they say about laughter...

Susan Carrier said...

Kira's salad sounds fabulous. I NEED that recipe!

Debbi said...

Well get that man's name! Senior Life is changing its name so they may not go for the over 90 gang! Have to find another outlet for him! Glad you have this blog to share with us. I know it's hard to balance. This foot thing is enough of a pain, let alone what you're going through now. Breathe. Come over for yoga if you want. I'll come to you when I'm able.
Much love...deb