Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chemo Klatch

My social life has really picked up since I got cancer.

Actually, it just seems that way because March is a month with a record number of weddings, birthdays, going-away get togethers (two different friends are moving to Arizona) and dinner parties, most of which were scheduled before I got the news about my mantle cell lymphoma.

There is one exception. Last night my friend Desiree hosted a happy hour that many of the guests referred to as a "chemo klatch" because it was a show of solidarity before I start chemo on Monday.

I got the following message from my friend Paula (yes, the funny one who was at The Ice House) about the eventing:

"You know, tonight made me feel like a member of a powerful female tribe. And when one of us is threatened, we join forces to vanquish the foe. "

I couldn't have said it better myself, Paula.

When I looked around at the group of women friends - every one of them smart, funny, accomplished, passionate and compassionate - I couldn't help getting all Sally Fieldsish and thinking, "They like me. They really like me."

The best part is that my "Chemo Klatch" extends far beyond the dozen women who were present last night because every single person reading this blog is a member. Now that's one powerful tribe!


Paula Johnson said...

Yes, I did say that. Which begs the question: When did I get all new age-y and Earth Motherish?

I think there was something EXTRA in the shrimp dip.

Judy said...

"Chemo Klatch" that's very catchy. I had such a fun time talking with everyone, it begs the question why can't we make time to do this kind of thing more often. Susan, you trendsetter, you!