Monday, March 19, 2007

A Twist in the Plot

I tried to call my doctor at the City of Hope today, but found out that she is out of the country for two weeks because of a family medical emergency. (Funny - noone bothered to let me know.)

This news creates many unforeseen complications. The hospital is telling me many things that are completely unacceptable. I am hoping that my hospital advocate will quickly and easily resolve this situation. But, if she doesn't, I have written the sordid details in an unpublished blog. I will threaten to publish the rant to my readership of nearly 200 if this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction. If necessary, I will call upon my one degree of separation from the CEO. I will do whatever it takes.

I am strong.
I am invincible.
I am cancer patient!



Susan K said...

What's more, once word gets out, it does have a reverberation effect. Note the post by Lorna (a friend of a friend) who wrote about deciding on a car purchase, negotiating with the dealer, just about signing papers, but dealer made her give a fingerprint. She balked (biometric data? violation of privacy? how will they safeguard that info?), then walked. Then blogged, and the story, well, it's gotten around.

(but of course, that assumes you might want to go for higher visibility than your circle-of-friends readership.)

Susan Carrier said...

Interesting story about the finger print issue and even more fascinating to see how it's gotten around.

The "power of the press" has been replaced by the "power of the blog."