Monday, March 19, 2007

Tara the Terrific!

When I announced my open house, I thought that, if I was lucky, a few friends would come from as far as the west side of town.

I received an email message today that generated screams and sobs. My dear friend Tara is flying out from Virginia with her husband and two children, Emily and Nathan. I first met Tara when she was a "terrible two" and I was a terrific twenty-year old college student. We have "grown up together" through the various stages of our lives. I'm so moved that she has chosen to be here during this stage of my life.

I last saw Tara, her husband, Travis, and "baby Emily" when we shared an apartment and a few days of sight seeing together in Prague seven years ago.

To see Tara, Travis and Emily again and to meet Nathan is pure joy, joy, joy!


Paula Johnson said...

Well, if TARA's coming, maybe I should make spinach dip. Your call, Susan.

Tara said...

Dont forget our 70's disco night in Boulder at Amy's wedding in 2002! How could one leave out the memory of the Fro Wig?? haha. So looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!

And Paula, I love spinach dip!

Susan Carrier said...

Silly me! How could I forget the unforgettable night in Boulder?!