Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That was then, this is now

A few weeks ago, I was tickled to receive this photo from an old friend, Mary Kay.

That was then, circa 1979.

Taken more than 25 years ago during a wind surfing class at Marina Del Rey, the photo made me wonder how much Mary Kay has changed. (MK left LA more than a decade ago.) I asked if her hair is as flaxen and her waistline as bee-like. She said that she's slightly thicker through the middle, but she's still a blondie blonde. Her husband adds that she "still has the same cheesy grin."

This photo reminds me that I haven't changed that much either. With life being one big hair cycle, I once again have the same 'do a quarter of a century later. (Believe me, neither the bad 70's perm nor my current '07 Kewpie doll curls were intentional.)

I may look "heavy" in the above photo, but it's misleading because I'm standing next to a buff Kate Moss. I was actually just three pounds heavier than my current chemo-chic body.

This is now, November 20, 2007.

(PS I'm continuing to feel well, have only minor physical complaints and am staying busier than I ever imagined.)


Piper Robert said...

Hmmm...you're right. You haven't changed much. Strothers age very gracefully. Aren't you thankful you didn't look your age way back when? You look great.

When I was 17, I wanted to look 20, rather than 12. I remember when getting my driver's license, I was asked, "How old are you?" Now I get, "You're not old enough to retire." There is the flip side to it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful God has His hand on you.

I'm thankful you're my sister.

Bonnie and I pray for you. Love ya!

suzy keleher said...

Beautiful photos! Praying for you, Susan. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you and the way God is bringing you through all this! Love, Suze

Margaret Finnegan said...

You think you look "heavy" in the 1979 picture? For the first time ever, I am worried about you.

Paula L. Johnson said...

I may look "heavy" in the above photo, but it's misleading because I'm standing next to a buff Kate Moss. I was actually just three pounds heavier than my current chemo-chic body.

I'm with Margaret on this one. You don't look even remotely heavy in that photo. I think that size 4 skirt is haunting you, Smooks!

Piper Robert said...

"Heavy"........when I first read it, I thought it said "Heady", which made sense.

Ann said...

Heavy?! I would kill for either figure! I also had a very hard time with food until Chris discovered that I could keep microwave ravioli down. For some reason, Cup-O-Noodle also worked. It wasn't very appetizing, but I was able to comfortably keep it down. A nurse advised me to eat beef jerky when I didn't think I could eat. It was the straight protein that she wanted me to have. Microwave popcorn worked, too. I don't know if you're allowed at CoH, and I also don't know if it will work for you. All of this will pass. You're doing so well and you look fabulous. We're thinking of you and hope you have a good holiday.

Ann and Chris

Anonymous said...

1979 boy you were ahead of the pack with that haircut that was the Pat Benatoar doo.
wow always a trend set girl..you look fantastic
then just like you do NOW

Mrs. Duck said...

I'm with everyone else on the "heavy" statement. If you look heavy in that picture, then 98% of Americans must be morbidly obese.

You're not heavy, you're a Strother!

Susan Carrier said...

Please don't worry, friends. I was trying to be funny, which is why I put "heavy" in quotation marks.

It's more of a comment on Mary Kay's ultra thin body. Geesh, you could put a twig beside her and it would look like a trunk!

Anonymous said...
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