Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nap time WILL be enforced!

Hi! It's your faithful Cancer Correspondent checking in on behalf of certain local members of Team Susan who are a tiny bit concerned that once Smooky gets home she'll:

a) take up skydiving since she doesn't have to worry about messing up her hair
b) start training for the L.A. Marathon, or

c) offer to double-check the holiday lights on Christmas Tree Lane by
climbing up each tree like a monkey.

Let's make it easy for Susan to take it easy during the holiday
season. When you have a moment, email Janet Aird to update your availability to hang with our favorite multi-tasking lymphomaniac for an hour or two.

She may need a ride to CoH or help running errands. (Note: if
she wants to re-roof the house "just for fun," you have permission to tie her to a chair and call for reinforcements)


Piper Robert said...

Paula, you're awesome. Thanks for taking care of Sis.

As the oldest of the Strother siblings, you also have my permission to hog-tie, gag, wrestle, knock-out, back hand if needed, or otherwise inhibit Smookie's ability to make hay.

Hey Sue, I love ya! Don't dig any ditches or ride a bike. I realize there are no coal trucks in your vicinity, but let's err to the side of caution.

Susan Carrier said...

Paula, you rock! Hey, you've given me more ideas for "forbidden fruit."

Robert, no temptation to get on a bike. The last time I pedaled, I ended up in the best emergency room on Sado Island, Japan.

Mrs. Duck said...

You guys have me in stitches! Here are some ideas for things Susan can do that will make her feel busy without running herself ragged:

Create a replica of the Eiffel Tower using toothpicks and Elmer's glue (HO scale)

Go for walks wearing stilts (a review of a book about the French in last week's NY Times Sunday Book Review had a picture of 19th C french shepherds on stilts -- no lie -- under a caption stating that they could walk at some ridiculously fast rate (30 MPH? could that be it?) without tiring, because the stilts made their legs so long)

Learn to play the piano like Chopin (the book "Musicophelia" by Oliver Saks talks about a guy who had never been interested in music until he got hit by lightning, after which he became a musical genius ... well, I figure going through what Susan has gone through is equivalent to being hit by lightning, no?)

Have a submarine marathon: rent every movie about submarines available from Netflix and then write a blog "term paper" detailing the event, in Technihumor.

Make up sniglets (fake words for concepts for which there should be words, such as "HMOphelia - noun - an ailment in which one bleeds to death while waiting for one's HMO to approve medical treatment.") (Here's another good sniglet, which I heard on "Says You", a wordplay game show on NPR (airs at 7:30 every Tues. night) -- "Strawphylactic", n., the little piece of paper left on the end of a straw at a restaurant.")

Happy last day at COH tomorrow, Susan! We love you!

Susan Carrier said...

Funny stuff! I especially like the stilt reference since, as Piper Robert recently reminded us, I come from a family of stilt walkers. Robert, who was it who crossed the creek while holding a hanky full of fresh goose egges in her mouth?

Karen said...

Let's nix the stilts for now. I think learning to knit is a good, safe activity for recuperation time. :-)

You want me to bring you some needles and yarn, Smooky? The online knitting world is supposedly quite the happening thing in cyberspace!

Piper Robert said...

Re: "Robert, who was it who crossed the creek while holding a hanky full of fresh goose egges in her mouth?"

That be Granny Allen. She is in the 5th generation picture Grandma so proudly displayed. She was Grandma's great-grandma. Her proper name was Mary (Richardson).

As I read Mrs. Duck's comment about the stilts, I immediately thought of Granny Allen. According to Grandma, she was quite the character. Redhead as you know.

Sado Island. I remember the story. Have you shared that with everyone? If you give up that one, I'll recount the coal truck incident.

suzy keleher said...

Somehow, with all these funny-wonderful comments...I feel better! Such a great benefit to being on TEAM SUSAN! There is this other fantasic, time-consuming, details requiring great focus and concentration ART which would be perfect for Susan: sherinsnite. I do not know if I have it spelled right but it is the old time art of cutting paper into intricate works of art. Pattern books can be puchased at Michaels, I think. One year, for Chritmas, I cut with tiny scissors these beautiful Christmas ornaments. It took hours! The results were fabulous. I am going to see if can hunt down some of those books, hot tea, and maybe some German Christmas dougnuts...homemade of course..for you, Susan do you think you have any tiny scissors like cuticle scissors? Love and Prayers, Suze

Susan Carrier said...

I've been wanting to take up knitting for a long time.

Suze, I don't know if I have the focus for the intricate paper work, but it sounds lovely.

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