Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day Zero

Several people have called and asked me what my schedule is this week, so I thought I'd post it for all to see:

Wednesday 11/07/07 (Dilantin*) Check in for hydration
Thursday 11/08/07 (Dilantin, Benadryl, Atavan, Zofron)* Carmustine
Firday 11/09/07 (Dilantin, Benadryl, Atavan, Zofron)* Carmustine
Saturday 11/10/07 (Dilantin, Benadryl, Atavan, Zofron)* Carmustine
Sunday 11/11/07 (Benadryl Atavan, Zofron)* Etoposide
Monday 11/12/07 DAY OFF
Tuesday 11/13/07 (Benadryl, Atavan, Zofron)* Cyclophosphamide
Wednesday 11/14/07 DAY OFF
Thursday 11/15/07 (Pre-meds) Reinfusion of Neupogen-primed peripheral stem cells
Friday 11/16/07 (Pre-meds) Reinfusion of Neupogen-primed periipheral stem cells
Tuesday 11/20/07 Begin Neupogn injections for white cell count.

Day Zero refers to the day I receive my stem cells on 11/15/07. Days prior to the reinfusion are counted with negative numbrs. (e.g. Thursday, 11/08/07, is Day -1; Friday, 11/09/-7, is Day -2, etc.) After the reinfusion, we start counting with positive numbers. stem cells is returned is Day 1 and we continue numbering the days after that. (e.g. Friday, 11/16/07, is Day 1; Saturday, 11/17/07, is day 2, etc.)

I hope that this post doesn't put you to sleep faster than the Benadryl coursing through my veins before the chemo. It's not even 10 pm, but I can't keep my eyes open any longer.

*These are pre-meds that counter the side effects of the chemo.


Mrs. Duck said...

So today is day -1. OK, I think I've got it. Thank heavens there are no days with imaginary numbers. Or maybe there are -- they're the ones you spend dreaming? I hope you're comfortable and doing well. Carmustine sounds like something you put in an Indie car. I like the sound of Neupogen, though -- nice and spa-like, probably because it sounds like Neutrogena. Zofron sounds like a band, or maybe a pirate web site. Personally, my favorite drug name is Zoloft -- it sounds so soft and lofty. They ought to name drugs the way they name perfumes. Liz Taylor could have a drug that kills little cancerous lumps and call it Dymounds. Paloma Picasso could have a vaginal suppository called Papiloma. Hillary could have an anti-depressant called Hillarity, and the best part is you could get it for free under her new National Health Plan. Oh well, I'm going to go take some Mukasine (eye drops that make waterboards look like soft, cushy beds) and go to sleep.

Susan Carrier said...

These are hilarious, Mrs. Duck!

SAMO Calling said...

Thanks for the Duke's. It arrived yesterday. I look forward to trying it simply and creatively.

Thanks also for all of your useful schedule information. While we aren't with you, we can follow you along each day on paper and know what you're doing. Sort of a faux visit - or a "flat Smooky".

I hope to make it out to COH and give you a go at scrabble. Don't count on any gift of winning though 'cause I'm going after you while you're down. That's when I've got to make my move! :)

Piper Robert said...

Mrs Duck, very funny. I had a different take as I was reading the drug names. I likened them to cities in foreign countries.

Carmustine, Scotland
Zofron, Hungary
Atavan, Greece
Dilantin Hollow, West Virginia

Anonymous said...
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