Monday, November 19, 2007

A Patient's Life

I've already received several frantic, "Are you OK? You haven't blogged" phone calls today.

Yes, I'm A-OK, but I did start developing a slight fever (100 to 101) yesterday, which has thrown me into a busy day of the patient's life today.

My morning started with pre-meds that included Benadryl, a drug that is guaranteed to knock me cold for two hours and keep me groggy for an additional two. But I multi-tasked while napping, taking in lots of antibiotics and more red blood cells.

And then it was time for a chest X-ray and more lab tests. Late in the afternoon, I finally got unleashed from my pole so that I could take my shower, do my private dance of freedom and then get in some walking on the floor.

This floor walking just isn't cutting it as a form of exercise, so I met today with my Physical Therapist (PT). It turns out that there's a daily 11 am exercise class for hematology patients. We'll also be working on developing a separate strength training program and treadmill workouts. Of course, all of this is dependent on my daily blood counts. As the PT warned, "Your strength and energy levels will outpace your blood levels."

I'm also hoping that my white counts rise by Wednesday evening so that I can attend a comedy performance at the Hope Village Comedy Center. I think the real comedy will ensue when all of these patients with poles start vying for seats. I'll post more details tomorrow, in case any of you want to join me.

Good night, friends!


todd-a-o said...

After just hooking up with your blogs, Susan, I can understand the withdrawal people have when a blogless day goes by. You are a delicious pole dancer of a writer even while you are hurling your body across medical frontiers. We will check w George re: the protocol for arranging a visit to see you in technicolor multi-task mode. Laila Poil says "hi" (amazing, huh?) and natasha and i send our love.

Lilli said...

I am inspired to get off my behind and go exercise. Only you could go out of your way to find an exercise class in the hospital. All the other patients are probably being dragged there by their doctors and nurses. You go girl! Pole and all.

Ann said...

Exercise always made me feel better when I was recovering. Your PT is right when he says that your energy level will outpace your hemoglobin level. I always had to take extra naps when I pushed myself too far. Sounds like you're doing really well. Chin up, you'll be out before you know it.

suzy keleher said...

Wow! Susan, you are amazing...praying for you so much. And for the whole family. I'll bet those nurses fight over who gets to have you for their patient! Love, Suze

Piper Robert said...

So......when we gonna play croquet?

Paula L. Johnson said...

I think you'll like the comedy show. I attended one when I was writing the internal newsletter for CoH (I was sitting in for someone on maternity leave).

The MC was a stand-up comedian who was a cancer survivor and a former flight attendant. She was very good. The others on the bill will good as well. It's a challenge to come up with material suitable for all ages.

I interviewed one little boy who was really, REALLY hoping someone would get a pie in the face. Well, that was his idea of comedy, I guess.

Take care, Smooky!

Margaret Finnegan said...

Hope you make it to the show -- maybe someone WILL get a pie in the face this time. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Spoke with Dan today he is going to call your room soon.
coincidetlaly he had been asked to be the Buddist
Chaplan at CoH..
I hope he come over soon cause his form of PT will be very gentle and great for mind and soul as well as body.

janet aird said...

Hi Susan - Not sure what I did wrong the last time I tried to comment (maybe it WAS the dreaded word verification), but this is about what I asked: Do you keep getting chemo as long as you're at COH? How are your blood counts now? When can you post your latest results?

Hope you sleep well tonight -

Anonymous said...

hi susan nina from the frame shop sends her regards and best wishes it is dreary, cold and wet here in chicago hope you get to see the comedy show howard

Piper Robert said...

p.s. I talked to Dad and gave him the latest. He's doing fine and sends his love.

Anonymous said...
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