Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meeting of the Medical Minds

Last Friday Dr. Forman and his team met to discuss my case. Remember the unresolved head scratching about the spots on my PET scan? Most of the medical minds agreed that "It's probably nothing," and decided against doing any exploratory surgery. We'll just keep an eye on that spot "for the next 10 to 15 years."

The team also decided against doing the Zevalin trial of radioimmunotherapy because of my blood's history of being unable to bounce back. They want me and my blood counts as high as possible before the pre-SCT high-dose chemo knocks them down to near nada.

I definitely would have liked to have done the radioimmunotherapy because of documented improvements in survival and remission times, but this is the time when I just need to trust and surrender.


Emmy said...

Congratulations on your date with Hotel Hope and the Stem Cell Team! Let us know how soon you can have visitors. Safe trip this weekend. Love and prayers, e

Ann said...

Chris and I couldn't be happier for you! Pack lots of activities and gear up for horrible food for a month. It's all worth it. I can't stop smiling! Keep us all posted.


Piper Robert said...

I could see my first visit at CoH unraveling something like this:

Nurse: "Good morning, Mrs. Carrier. I'm fine, thank you. I wanted to touch base with you about a potential high risk visitor. A man saying he is your brother was here to visit you. Yes, I said "was" because we have him detained. Security has him at the moment. No, he's very calm and co-operative. The tazer worked fine. No, his name is not James, he said it is Robert. But.....but, Mrs. Carrier, he is wearing a blue plaid skirt. No, I didn't ask him if it is the Hannah tartan. Yes, I believe it is pleated in the back. Yes, ma'am, I'll have security remove the straight jacket immediately. I apologize, I didn't know. Yes, I understand now, it's called a kilt. Mrs. Carrier, please understand, we get all kind at this desk and we take every precaution necessary. When he regains consciousness, we'll send him to your room. Pardon me? Under his kilt? No problem Mrs. Carrier, you're welcome."

Hmmmmm, I think I'll wear jeans.

Susan Carrier said...

Piper, Hilarious!

Margaret Finnegan said...

I'm bringing you a sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving. Visitors will allowed right?

Doreen said...

You are so on top of things, so keep trusting those instincts! Mom (Pauline Chen) and I will visit when you are ready, and knitting/projects can begin anytime. It is relaxing... and our group is having fun with all kinds of project ideas. Laura and Jonna are only a few doors away at the McCabes, so if there is any pet care needs, let us know! We are all thinking of you, beautiful lady.

Susan Carrier said...

Boy, am I getting great offers, with great cooks and knitters offering to come to me.

If Margaret's sweet potato pie is even half as good as her choc. cake, I'm in for a treat. I can definitely have visitors, but I think that outside food will be a no-no. :(