Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day Zero

This is the day I've been waiting for - Day Zero. I'll receive some pre-drugs this morning and then six bags of "garlic-scented" stem cells.

Yesterday afternoon was better for me, but an intermittent computer server and an intermittent stomach kept me from the blog keys. If any of you have sent me emails, I'm slow right now in returning them, so bare with me.


Paula L. Johnson said...

Day Zero? I think I'll call it "Day Yay!"

But..garlic? Smooky, you've got some 'splainin' to do.

Mrs. Duck said...

Let's all say Hooray and G'day to Day Yay!!!! Ya hung on Smookie and we're all celebratin'. But, like Paula, I too wonder "What's garlic got to do with it?" You don't EAT the stem cells, do you?

Piper Robert said...

Garlic? Hmmmm.......interesting.

A good teeth scrubbing and face washing will always revitalize. If you remember, in WV it's TOOTH scrubbing. Did you ever use baking soda for your scrubbing at Grandma's?

Day Yay. I like that. It's Day Yay, Smookie. Time to buckle down and get with it.

But garlic? Are the stem cells odorized to give an indication you're on the plus side? Maybe you should have chosen peppermint.

Paula L. Johnson said...

Okay, something is BUGGING ME and I am willing to risk the wrath (or bemused eye-rolling) of my fellow posters to get it off my chest.

I've been spelling it "Smooky" because that's what you get when you combine "smart" and "kooky."

"Smookie," on the other hand, would be the contraction of "smart" and "kookie." But... "kookie" is not a word!

However, it is a proper name introduced in the series "77 Sunset Strip." Teen idol Edd Byrnes played a character called Kookie. He even recorded the 1959 novelty song "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb."

Just wanted to put that out there. We can all go back to our "Day Yay" festivities now.

Lisa C. said...

Paula, are you being "Kookie" now? Ha ha. Glad you are soldiering through it, Susan.

Lisa C.

Karen said...

Okay, so what's the standard spelling? Let's all agree here. I think I've used both versions, but I prefer Smooky with the Y.

Susan, I'd say you get the decisive vote. SmookyNation is a dictatorship, right?! ;-)

suzy keleher said...

all for one and one for all: Smooky! Smooky! SMOOKY! My tears are even happy. Prayers nonstop for you, Love! Yours, Suze

Piper Robert said...

Smooky. Smookie. I've used both and have seen both. I haven't seen "Smookey".

Paula, since you came up with the nickname, it's standard protocol for you to make the decision. Unless you defer to Susan, or a "givesie" as we used to say. (Is that a "givesy"?)

If I may have some input before the final call is made. "Smookie", IMHO, has a more informal feel, warm and fuzzy, if you will. My friends Charlie, Shawnie, Billie, Davie are all "ie" guys. My Grandmother's dearest friend was Effie Martin. That alone persuades me to lean toward the "ie". But, I'm a company kind of guy, whatever is decided, I'll go with.

What do you think, Sis?

BTW, how ya doin'?

p.s. All these years I thought it was "Cookie".

Susan Carrier said...

The stem cell retransplantation was a piece of cake today. No nausea, but still to appetitite.I just have six more bags to go tomorrow.

The stem cells are "preservered" in in the garlic until they're good go go.

As for "Smooky" versus "Smookie," I"m leaning toward "Smookie." Both are acceptable spellings of smart + kookie (or kooky).

Piper Robert said...

The great and powerful OZ has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Paula, you're so sillie sometimes! Why worrie about how friendlie a spelling is? Relax and have a fruitie drink by the ocean on a breezie day.


Anonymous said...
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