Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Day Without Blood

It's a no-transfusion morning, which means that I won't be taking my obligatory two-hour morning nap.

Right now, I'm force feeding myself Cheerios, milk and banana. Eating is still a long, laborious and unpleasant process, often followed by a second coming.

I'll keep this post brief because my physical therapist (PT) is returning in 15 minutes to bring me to the gym. My white counts are still too low to do the hematology exercise class or go to the comedy night, but I'm permitted to hit the treadmill.

I'm gonna' try to eat five more bites of my Cheerios before my PT returns. Let's hope the little O's stay down!

PS My PT just checked in with me, and we decided to wait until 10 am for the workout. I need to be back in the room by 10:30 am for a blood draw.

This morning's blood numbers:
(Numbers in parentheses represent normal ranges.)

WBC .6 (4.0-11)
RBC 2.79 (3.8-5.2)
HGB 9.4 (11.5-15.5)
PLT 43 (150-350)


Margaret Finnegan said...

Hope you got the "o's" down. Much love.

jnrollins said...

Hey, Susan, I had Cheerios, too! Well, okay, they were organic oat ring cereal from T Joe's masquerading as Cheerios. That means they taste like cardboard, but at least when I eat 'em, they stay down. Best of luck with regaining your strength and upping your lab values.

When my family goes around the table tomorrow, with each member saying what they are grateful for, I will mention your friendship, and how inspiring you are for me.

Paula L. Johnson said...

I love Trader Joes, but every one of the cereals I've tried has been ghastly. More like organic insulation for the construction industry. I do feel the love for Multi-grain Cheerios, however.

Susan, you can't have your beloved yogurt, can you? Bacteria, right? Ack!

Hey, you know what's a great stand-in for yogurt? Chocolate ice cream. I'm just saying...

SAMO Calling said...

Susan -
Checking in. Sitting here thinking about what I have to cook for tomorrow and that I've never cooked these things before - and that I wish you were home doing the same. I think, in honor of you, I'll slyly throw in some cheerios into some dish tomorrow. Yeah, that's my thanksgiving day tribute to you!
Still love you ....

Debbi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Susan! Sorry you're without the net, but you know we're all out here "cheerioing" for you! That was all I could eat Monday after three days of theme parks in Orlando. Tummy wasn't at all happy! Are you up for visitors this weekend?

Much love and best wishes...
Deb and Steve

Anonymous said...
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