Friday, November 30, 2007

Miracles DO happen

When I checked in to Hotel Hope, I was like a good Boy Scout - hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Given my past history of slacker blood rebounding and near disastrous stem cell harvesting, it was realistic for Dr. Forman and me to expect a four to five week stay at Hotel Hope.

So how do you explain the fact that I'm home after just three weeks? I know that there are hundreds of people praying and thinking good thoughts for me - many are dear friends, others are friends of friends, but many more are complete strangers.

I'm humbled by and grateful to all of you.


frankie said...

We are thinking of you and the blog is a wonderful way to connect regularly with you. As I read it I feel I'm sending those good wishes vibes and prayers.
So happy you're home.

Mrs. Duck said...

Good fortune doesn't need explanations. (Only bad luck does. And then the explanations are never satisfactory.) Good luck just needs to be appreciated.

But, if you're looking for an explanation, I'd say it must be this: your extraordinarily optimistic, vital, intelligent spirit is the reason you got home so soon -- your doctors know they can trust you, that you're highly motivated to take care of yourself, and that your spirit will soar more joyously (and therefore healthfully) in its natural habitat. You wild thing, you!

janet aird said...

So glad you're home! Hope you're having a wonderful rest.

Susan Carrier said...

Actually, I've never prayed for a specific time frame, but for the mental and physical strength to thrive, whether it's three weeks or 30 weeks.

suzy keleher said...

to God, great doctors, nurses and others, and awesome personal spirit be praised! Love,Suze

Susan Carrier said...

Well said, Suze!

Margaret Finnegan said...

I would like to speak up in defense of your "slacker blood." Now that's a bit harsh, I think. We all do the best we can -- even our blood. No need to be critical. Not every bit of you has to be so overachieving that even your cancer hat to "special." Cut your blood a little slack. Be gentle with it. Let it know it's doing a good job and that you are proud of you. Send it love and kisses. It needs it.

Mathews Family said...


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