Friday, November 9, 2007

Beware of Patient

Great! I have the dreaded yellow warning banner outside my room. Today I had low blood pressure - a common side effect of the chemo. Combine that with the pre-meds-induced drowsiness and we have a whole lot of woozy wobblin' goin' on.

And, tomorrow, during my Benadryl and Atavan-induced slumber, a staff member will be sitting with me in my room for at least four hours, just to make sure I don't try to do anything wild and crazy (like go to the bathroom).


Paula L. Johnson said...

Smooky woozy? That's a bummer, but likely temporary.

Pretty soon you'll have a SCRABBLE TOURNEY banner on your door.

Piper Robert said...

High fall? They should move you to a lower elevation.

Anonymous said...
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