Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Calling Susan:
Please call the main number for the City of Hope, 626-256-4673, touch "0" for the operator and then ask for me by name or Room 5111.

I'll have my cell phone with me to make outgoing long distance calls and will check for messages, but I don't plan to use the cell for incoming calls.

Visiting Susan:

Yes, I can have visitors. Click here for the City of Hope guidelines. You'll find me in Room 5111 in the Helford Hospital (aka the "new" hospital).

If you can't reach me before a visit, you may want to call the main number for the City of Hope, 626-256-4673, touch "0" for the operator and then ask for the RN or PCA on duty for Susan Carrier. She'll be able to tell you if I'm awake or if I've already had a barrage of visitors.

Be prepared to wash up and wear a CoH-provided mask and gloves. And if you think that you may be coming down with a cold or have been recently exposed, then it's best to save your visit until the germs have settled down.

Sending Mail to Susan:
You may send mail to: City of Hope, Helford Hosptial, Room 5111, 1500 East Duarte Road, Duarte, California 91010 ATTN: Susan Carrier OR at my home address at 1338 Hull Lane, Altadena, CA 91001.

Preparing Food for George and Cindy:
Food for the fam. will be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to drop off food, please call George at work at 213-253-7333 on weekdays or at 626-797-1897 on weekday nights and weekends to make arrangements.

Preparing Food for Susan:
I'm now on a special low-bacteria diet, so food from the outside world is forbidden. Believe me, I'd kill right about now for anything that doesn't come served on a tray. (Yep, I'm officially sick of "spa" food already, and I've been here less than four hours.) And the second that I get the word that I'm allowed smuggled-in food, I'll pay top dollar to anyone who brings in a kilo of chocolate-orange gelato from Bulgarini in Altadena.


Anonymous said...

Let us know when NIna and I can come by with our board games...Sunday or Friday nights are good.

Susan Carrier said...

Either time is good for me.

I aint goin' nowhere!

Karen said...

What happened to the total isolation period? Is that coming up, or have they revised the guidelines on that?

I'm just being a worried mom, concerned that you'll pick up an infection while your immune system is lowered.

Susan Carrier said...

I guess the total isolation business is a myth or something that's only necessary in limited cases.

Visitors will be required to scrub and then wear a mask and gloves. Nurses were lax about this during my Hyper CVAD stays, but now they're very fastidious about observing this rule.

If anyone even THINKS they're coming down with a cold or any bacterial infection, then it's best to stay clear of the City of Hope.

Mrs. Duck said...

What kind of cells does a cell phone have?

What you need right now, Susan, is stemina.

Why do we have to scrub our hands if we're going to put on gloves? Is it so we can turn the gloves inside out later and re-use them? (Smookie knows.)

Susan Carrier said...

Oh, you're on a roll (or should I say "on a waddle"?)

Here are a couple more:

Q What do they do with the non-viable stem cells?
A Send them to a stemetary

Q Where do stem cells go after they've received a special calling?
A To steminary

Paula L. Johnson said...

Oh, I love this game.

Q: What political party does Susan belong to?
A: She's a Stemocrat

Anonymous said...
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