Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Favorite Slide

When I was in Minneapolis for the Lymphoma Workshop, several attendees asked me if I was feeling anxiety about my impending stem cell transplant (SCT). I told them that I was having anxiety about tying up loose ends and about my family, but none about the procedure itself.

That is until I saw "the slide" - the one with a giant sledge hammer that represented the effect of massive doses of high-potency chemo that precede the SCT. Geesh, could the doctor, a transplant specialist from the University of Minnesota Medical Center, have been any more subtle? I thought to myself that she should have used a slide of a giant anvil falling on an unsuspecting road runner. That would have gotten her point across.

But, of course, she went on to talk about the recovery - about how the stem cell transplant works as a "rescue procedure." (I like this terminology.) And how the patient will be supported with blood transfusions until the stem cells start producing their own red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. That process generally takes about two weeks.

Now that I think about it, that slide of the road runner and the anvil doesn't sound like such a bad idea. After all, the road runner always emerges with a cheerful "Beep, beep," feistier and stronger than ever.


Paula L. Johnson said...

Wait...I thought the "Electric Slide" was your favorite! Or was that the "Slip 'n' Slide?" It's all a blur.

I'm sure you're running around like a mad woman today to get ready for your STEM CELL SPA RETREAT.

I'll have to think of some wildly inappropriate content to post on your blog while you're at CoH. At least I'll know you can't come over and give me a beating.

Piper Robert said...

Hey, Paula. In times past, before I posted any photos of my sister, I asked her to give a yea/nay (hai/iie for those in the know). She never gave the nay to any photo, but it was my way of giving her a heads up. Paula, will you be the acting censor during her stay at CoH?

While we're on the subject of Road Runner, check this out.

frankie said...

We'll miss you in the blogosphere Susan. But I'll be thinking of you. You will never be really far away.

Paula L. Johnson said...

We don't need no stinkin' censors! If Smooky put you on her blog team, you have been given the power to post what you will.

Heck, we've all seen her bald, so it's not like a naked baby picture will be a shock.

Carolyn H. said...


You are frequently in my thoughts anyway, but I know the frequency will be turned up very high as you launch into this new phase of your adventure. I will eagerly await reports of your experience.

Smack that cancer and let the recovery begin! We're behind you all the way!


Susan Carrier said...

Robert and Paula: Remember, I'm gonna be down, but I won't be out after the sledge hammer.

And you two may have the power to post anything you want, but I have the power to delete it. (Insert diabolical laugh of power-drunk blogger.)

Susan Carrier said...

PS And I continue to keep on blogging as much as possible. This blog will be my main connection to the outside world.

Piper Robert said...

For some reason, I feel like Paula and I are standing at attention in front of you with our most sober faces and you're saying...

"What am I going to do with you two? There better not be any trouble while I'm gone. Do you guys understand me? Remember, I have the power to delete."

Paula and Robert simultaneously..."Yes, Susan."

Susan sternly replies, "Good, very good. You're both excused. Please close the door as you leave."

As they turn and tippy toe to leave, Paula mumbles under her breath, "Yes Mommy."

Robert silently snickers. As he closes the door and glances back at Susan, she adds, "Don't even."

Piper Robert said...

You know we all love you. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. I Love You.

Mrs. Duck said...

I've been distracted for the last couple of weeks and am only just catching up. Just in time! Oh, Susan, I practically never pray, but I'm praying now that the hammer is a velvet one and that you emerge as wild and crazy as ever!