Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hair, we go again

A week ago, my scalp became tender to the touch. I knew what this meant: I was about to go bald again.

Sure enough, my hair has been shedding like a cheap rug. Clumps of hair swirl down the shower drain. Tufts of hair cover my pillow case. Strands of hair sweep across the floor. Every day, a nurse encourages me to go ahead and take it all off, but I'm hanging on until Monday for the clipping ceremony.

I'm thinking of forming a "bald again" club (although it sounds like a cult) for those who have gone bald twice in the same year. I think our numbers are relatively small because it's unusual to have enough time between treatments for the hair to grow back.

But I'll have to be careful about setting up the criteria for membership. What if Britney says, "Oops, I did it again" and takes the clippers to her scalp one more time.



Lilli said...

Even if you did end up in the No-Hair Club for Women with Britney, I'm confident you'd be in separate chapters, worlds apart. You'd be in the one with class and panache.

Mrs. Duck said...

An apt photo: a tough, beautiful bald eagle. Lilli's right, Britney could never belong to any club you're in. Besides, Britney lost her hair to a perverse whim, not to a dangerous predator (cancer). So she's disqualified from joining your club anyway. But I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of the absurd (Britney is about as absurd as anything can be). Another difference: I think Britney's hair follicles are tubules leading directly to her brain, so when her hair vanished, there was nothing left to hold the grey matter in. You're hair follicles are honest: they're just hair follicles. So your brain has remained intact and, when the chemo leaves your system, your thick beautiful hair will return to its rightful place on your head (instead of plates, pillows and floors).

Susan Carrier said...

Well, the deed is done. Stella from the Image Center came to my room this afternoon with her cape and clippers.

I feel SO much better without my shedding, patchwork locks!

Anonymous said...
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