Monday, August 13, 2007

All I want for my birthday is . . . a comment.

This year, all I want for my birthday is a comment. How's that for a cheap date?

If you haven't yet left a comment, why not give it a shot on August 15.

Top 6 reasons Cancer Banter buddies give for not commenting:
1. Your friends are so witty and articulate. I can't compete.
2. My comments are private. I'd rather share them with you in person, by phone, snail mail, email or via smoke signals.
3. I don't want to leave a permanent trail in cyberspace.
4. I'm waiting for you to write something that's worthy of a comment.
5. I forgot my password.
6. Comment? I can leave a comment?

Top 6 reasons Susan wants you to comment:
1. I'm an insatiable egomaniac. (After all, I am a Leo.)
2. I don't own a Crackberry and have forsaken caffeine. My sole addiction is to comments.
3. When I get lonely in the hospital during my four-week stay, your comments will encourage me/enliven me/enrage me/embarrass me.
4. I love the community created among commenters.
5. Piper Robert (aka "Big Bro") loves to get to know my friends through the Blog.
6. I'm curious about who's lurking.

Share a memory, a wish or something interesting about yourself. I don't care - just share.

OR, ala The New Yorker, come up with a caption for the cartoon above. We can vote on the best caption. Winner will receive a bagpipe serenade from Piper Robert.


Paula Johnson said...

I have no caption, but that photo is a hoot.

When might your 4-week stay start? Or is that another mystery?

Susan Carrier said...

When does my 4-week stay start? At this point, God only knows. Way too many variables to predict at this point.

Lisa Cooper-Keil said...

I just realized that THREE of my favorite people were born on 8/15; my oldest sister, my best friend and YOU! So here is my comment - There is nothing stronger or more focused than a LEO on a mission. Give a big roar and just scare those cancer cells away and the stem cells into production! Love and Birthday Hugs, Lisa

Margaret Finnegan said...

Four-week stay? I think I missed something. What's that all about? Are you hungry these days? I make an outstanding chocolate cake. I'd love to make you one for your birthday.


Frankie said...

See you tomorrow then or should I say comment you , well it's probably very incorrect but I do command you for your strength, honesty and the inspiration you give me through this blog. I enjoy reading it every week even if I don't leave a comment. Sometimes I just feel you said it all.

Karen C said...

Take That! In dog years you're still older than me.

Happy Birthday Love, Ken Carlson

Karen C said...

Next year, don't forget to buy me a present.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us . . .

We insatiable egomaniacs (today is MY birthday) need all the birthday wishes we can get.

I am still a faithful “lurker” on your blog, catching up with your story every day or two.

It’s been an eventful summer for my family. Two deaths (step-father and favorite aunt), a quadruple bypass (brother), and his on-going cancer battle too. It all reminds me to not put off noticing how amazing it is just be alive.

So, today I am 61 years old. I have lived a charmed life in many ways. I do not deserve it. But I’ll take it! Along with wonderful friends like you, Susan.

I am so glad you were born!


janet aird said...

Dear Susan - Will be thinking of you on your birthday. My memory is the first time we met - an event Paula told me about at Green Street Restaurant going on 10 years ago. When you arrived, the whole table started clamoring for your attention (well, that's the way I remember it, anyway), but somewhere along the line I got introduced to you. The next time we met was months later at BeanTown - and you remembered me! You are one of the most gracious, generous people I have ever met, and I consider myself very lucky to know you.

Happy, happy birthday.

Gig said...

How about this for a caption:

"Try licking your face for a change!"

Happy Birthday!

Emmy said...

That's my caption.
Wishing you healthy stems and steady progress in your recovery.
That's my comment.
Susan, you rock! (I know that's old news, but it's none the less true)
Massive hug,

Idelle Davidson said...

Happy Birthday, Susan. May all that you wish for come true.

With love,

Margaret Finnegan said...

Happy Birthday. I'm still offering you a cake.


Karen said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

I hope you had a good one, and that you have a good post-birthday day today, too!

I can't wait to see you in that polka dot dress!

Much love,
Mrs. Duck

Anonymous said...

Okay, I lost my password, I don't like pubic comments all that much and I'm not keen on leaving the cyber trail either, so I identify with 3/6. However, it IS your birthday, so here we go!

The following is done with a staccato bounce, clipping each syllable sligthly to get the gangster/broadway feel. Each hyphen stands for a eighth note pause.

Happy Bir-thday to you........
(snap, snap)
Happy Bir-thday to you....... (snap, snap)
Happy (pause, snap) Birth-day dear Su-san
Happy Birth-day to you! (snap, hip wiggle)

(stupid grin)

There, now you had the song sung to you, yet your ears (and eyes!) are still safe!

love, Tara in Virginia

Anonymous said...

And since I REALLY really want the serenade from Piper Robert, I'll get over myself enough to submit these caption options:

1. "I'm allergic to dogs."

and my personal favorite:
3. "Another year blown by!"

Tara in Virginia

Suzy Keleher said...

Dear Susan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful person you are and how blessed I am to know you all these amazing years. We have been through so many things, together and apart. I remember the day I met you. You had come up to see Marilyn in her dorm...which just happenned to be my dorm room too! I was instantly hoping that we could be friends. You were the most stylish, fascinating beauty ever! And then to find out that we shared the love of writing! Well, I felt like we were kindred spirits...hey, we are even both Leo's! We made cheescakes for our favorite, cool professor. I'll bet you remember his name...trombone player? We travelled across country by car from South Carolina to California. We even stopped to see my Great Grandaddy in Texas! Remember that he told such great stories and you took a nap on his bed! Hilarious! We did crazy things out at the beach with your teacher friends and I loved to see you in a choreographed dance show...remember that? You became so cosmopolitan in LA and I felt so cool to hang out with you downtown. We were very lithe and stylish and confident still are! You always have brought out the best in me. We always shared dreams always made me believe I could achieve those dreams! We have gone through fires together and fires of our own individualy...but we are always there for each other...even if time slipped by without us being able to catch any together. You have always inspired me and made me feel that I should proud of who I am...even if I did not feel so proud. You have been so successful at striking the balance of being a go -getter and having fun along the way! You have climbed high mountains that did not seem to have an end and been successful in difficult endeavors. The proof is in the pudding they say...Cindy is a wonderful young lady! We have had some fun times over these years and many more to come. Thank you for being my friend, for sharpening me, for inspiring me...for making me excited about life when life was being hard on me...I treasure you and cannot wait for the next thing! Hmmm, Magic Pan, Marakesh, Hollywood Bowl, writer's readings...I'm ready...lets go! I love you with all my heart, Susan. Oh yea, your large circle of friends are pretty cool too! (OK people:Let's surprise Susan with a party when she least expects it!)Praying always for you. Love, Suze

frankie said...

And MANY MANY more.

Much love and gratitude,

Piper Robert said...

Happy Birthday!

Happy 53!

I think now would be an appropriate time to tell the "Grandma spanks Sue" story.

In the Just So You Know department,the winner of Sue's contest will receive a list of tunes from which to select. Included will be marches, strathspeys, slow airs, and piobaireachd. Or, if you pay me $20, I won't play.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Remembering all the great times we've
had together with and without the kids.
Thinking of you, praying for you and
reading your blog makes me realize even more so now what a great and strong person you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day and evening. You are a wonderful person and a beautiful friend. I admire you so much in so many ways. I miss you and have so enjoyed spending time with you this year. Happy, Happy Birthday on this Wednesday, August 15! Love, Ellen

Susan Carrier said...

Have a happy birthday.may all you wishes come true,and i hope you love your presents.Seya around the house..
love -Andrew

Dog:make a wish!




Dog:nice blow,but you kinda missed the candles.

Cricket said...


Hope you liked the birthday piano serenade this morning--like I said, it wasn't bagpipes but it was the best I could do...

I'm learning that life is best measured and treasured in moments, and your friendship has given me some of the best. So here's my comment, wrapped in best wishes and tied up in fine ribbons of peace and healing.

Lots of love to you--

Carolyn H. said...

Susan -

Happy birthday! I've been thinking about you all day. Garrison Keillor did his writer's almanac segment tonight on V-J day and how it started a period of huge production and prosperity in America. 9 months after V-J day there was a surge in the number of U. S. babies born that was the peak for births in American history (not sure if it has been surpassed by now). And houses cost about $8,000 ($65/mo mortgage). I'm guessing costs had gone up some by the time you were born, and I know they've gone up now! (One month's tuition at New Haven could buy...)

NPR also told me this morning that it is National Relaxation Day. That was welcome news. I'm always up for relaxation. I hope you found some time for a refreshing break today.

I also hope you had a terrific day and got the things that mattered most to you (in Tommy's case, that would include chocolate cake!). And I hope you got comments, comments and more comments.


Anonymous said...

Susan, happy birthday - Please don't consider this as late... just pretend I am in Hawaii writing this. (Unfortunately, I am not... but that's beside the point).

By the way, isn't it nice to know your friendship rank in other people's minds? We now clearly know you are NOT number 1 in some people's mind.

... And please... put Margaret out of her misery, and tell her that you want her to make that chocolate cake... I am sure she will enjoy it. (I will bring the milk to the party...)

... Karen: actually, Susan's birthday is 364 days from now... maybe you will get it right next time.

I heard you are going to Italy for 4 weeks... Are you taking that hot new boyfriend of yours? I am sure it will be scandalous... but who cares!

I really don't like to write these blogs... I am just sooo shy; so I won't tell you who I am ... giggle.. giggle... Blush... blush...

Your anonymous friend... (The one who travels all over the world... and has a hot fiancée...)

Anonymous said...

Susan: My hot fiancee hijacked my computer! he would not let me get on until this ridiculous hour! that's why my Happy Birthday Blog is almost 4 hours late....

(this is a good excuse... worthy of being number 7! :-) )

Otherwise, please credit me with excuse #1 - Your friends are so scary to me... that I dare not compete with their blogging skills.

If you did not have the chocolate cake ... you should try the new dark chocolate M&Ms with peanut... they are truely worthy! the only drawback is that you can only put 1 candle on each one...

Is that a drawback or a bonus? Not sure... hmmmm, 50+ M&Ms does not sound too bad....

Seriously, Happy Birthday my dearest friend,

Yours Truly, Terry E.

Karen said...

Ah! I thought your birthday was on the 15th,, but I was listening to NPR and someone said that the 14th was the day Japan surrendere -- and I'd recalled you saying that your birthday was on that day. So I thought "drat! I'm late!". Sorry I said I was "belated" when I wasn't. I hope that you don't think, as Terry implied, that my mistake showed I wasn't thinking of you. I was, but (typically for me) I was confused!

denise said...

My comment:

Me as the dog taking crap from the cat:

"Told you cats were smarter - I wouldn't have forgotten her birthday!!!!"

Now, with my tail between my legs, I wish you a happy BELATED birthday.

Much love and many stem cells.