Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day Off from Collecting

I just received a call from a CoH nurse to let me know that I get the day off from collecting tomorrow. (You were right Karen.) Today's harvest took another plunge from .14 million on Tuesday to a dismal .04. Doctor's orders are to delay collecting if the numbers fall below .3.

We have a long way to go to meet that 5 million stem cells goal.

At this rate, trick or treaters will be collecting M&Ms while I'm still collecting stem cells.


Idelle Davidson said...

Susan, I just came across this headline: Stem Cells for Virgin. My first reaction was, huh? Someone is exchanging stem cells for a virgin? Are we talking about a new kinky sexual quid-pro-quo kind of thing? Then I thought, hmmm, well maybe it's a weird voodoo ritual, you know, something to do with sacrificing virgins to help a tribal chieftain somewhere boost his stem cell production (Anyone would consider that possibility, right?). Then I thought, perhaps Susan could get in on this...okay, then I read the rest of the article and it turns out it was a story about the founder of Virgin Airlines investing in the storage of umbilical cord stem cells. Okay, okay, so it pays not to jump to conclusions. But I am going to tell every virgin I know (which is maybe like, one) to help me send good Karma your way and get those stem cells moving!

Paula Johnson said...

Y'know, maybe the problem is that it's really, really hard to visualize stem cell production. They're freaking microscopic, right?

So when you go in on Friday, try visualizing stemware production. Just think of creating lots of lovely lead crystal champagne flutes. Millions and millions of them. Sparkling and festive, ready for a party.

Hey! It's worth a try!

Karen said...

Hey Paula, I think you're on to something!! It's MUCH easier to picture stemware. In fact, now that I started I can't stop! So let's do a scientific experiment everyone. All of us should start picturing stemware. If it works, maybe we can have that team of doctors at Columbia, who verified the efficacy of prayer in curing disease, write this up!

Mrs. Duck

Susan Carrier said...

Maybe VIRGIN stemware is even better.

Pristine, unused Baccarat champagne flutes being christened with Cristal champagne.

Lilli said...

Hick that I am, I was thinking of the wine glasses I got from Ikea for something like 6 for $1.50. But if you want Baccarat, I can imagine that. Only the best for you my dear!

Karen said...

So can they preserve the already-collected cells while you're on R&R making new ones and getting those white counts boosted back up?

(the other) Karen ... thinking of all the fine cut glass and crystal goblets I never got as wedding presents.