Thursday, August 16, 2007

Caption Contest

Please vote for your favorite:

1. Take that! In dog years you're still older than me.

2. Next year, don't forget to buy me a present.

3. Try licking your face for a change!

4. Gesundheit!

5. I'm allergic to dogs.


7. Another year blown by!

8. Dog:make a wish!




Dog:Nice blow,but you kinda missed the candles.

9. I told you to get your paws off the table.


Susan Carrier said...

I like number 7 - Another year blown by

Karen C said...

Number 1

Margaret Finnegan said...

Number 7

Karen said...

I like 4, with 5 a close runner-up.

Piper Robert said...


Mathews Family said...

siti :)

Mathews Family said...

or is it shichi?

Susan Carrier said...

Em, I see you're trying to follow your dad's lead with the Japanese numbers. Number seven is shichi.

Just be careful not to say shiti - that's the back side.

Paula Johnson said...

I like 7.

Emmy said...

They're all great, but I really like #1 and #3. Ok, #3 gets my official vote :-)

frankie said...

I vote for 7!

Anonymous said...

I like number 2. I guess I'm the only one. There's no accounting for taste or sense of humor!

Diane F.