Monday, August 20, 2007

Laptop Dancing

I successfully resolved my WiFi connection problem, and didn't even have to call in the Geek Squad to do it.

But my laptop will be in the shop for an indefinite period of time to fix the problem with my "optical scanner." I brought my iBook to the Apple Store's Genius Bar last week, but the "genius" used the same ejection tricks that I had tried before concluding that it was a hardware problem.

I'll call Paula with the (fingers crossed) good news about my stem cells tomorrow so that she can post the word.

And I'm hoping that Piper Robert will use this down time to entertain us with a yarn or two.


Paula Johnson said...

Save a possible Subway sandwich run, I'll be around on Tuesday for the call!

Barbara Roth said...

Hope those stem cells are fruitful and multiply for you.

Karen said...

Laptop dancing!! Who but you would think of that?! Boy, you've really been on a posting mission this week. What a treat!