Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The New Day Job

Lying in bed for four and a half hours is surprisingly exhausting.

The blood leaves my body at 98.6 degrees, the stem cells are extracted and the blood comes back into my body at the chilly room temperature of 72 degrees. It feels as though ice water is surging through my veins. I manage to read about ten pages of a book before seeking refuge under a mound of warm blankets. It's difficult to turn pages when your hands are nestled four layers beneath the book.

And, unfortunately, the laptop/DVD idea doesn't pan out either because there's nowhere to put the laptop when it's not in use. The beds are very narrow and there aren't any side tables.

So I watch TV, doze off and make futile attempts at reading. There are several other patients in the room, but the beds are spaced too far apart for chatting. Doesn't sound like I'm having fun, does it. I think I'll try to download some books onto my iPod.

Today I got the report on my stem cell production. I'm not going to be one of those stem cell over-achievers who are in and out in three days. The first day is supposed to be the biggest harvest, but I only pumped out .6 million yesterday. We need 4.4 million more to reach the 5 million goal.

Dr. Wang, who heads the collection department, said that I'll definitely be in all five days this week and we'll evaluate on Friday how things are going.

Keep those cheers coming!


Marco said...

Hey Gumby - can you have visitors? Rather than be bored, be adored! Maybe even a telephone call (yes cell phones do make calls as well as play music, take pictures, and updating the MySpace page). So let us know if we can hit your crib, and shizzle wit your facizzle! Yo! M&D

Paula Johnson said...

72 degrees? Yikes. Sorry it's proving to be such a bummer!

Margaret Finnegan said...

Download all the Harry Potter books. The reader is fantastic and the books are light and lots of fun. And since they are written for kids, you don't have to concentrate too hard.

Susan Carrier said...

Visitors and phone calls to the cell are welcome!

And I like the idea of listening to HP on tape.

suzy keleher said...

Each day, until about what time are you there, Susan? i would love to come visit...stay warm, Darlin'...you are doing SOOOOOOOOO good! Soon you will be through this with flying colors...ra ra ra, sis boom ba, stem cells, stem cells,GO-o-o--o Stem Cells! Yaaaaay! Love you, Suze