Friday, August 3, 2007

A Close Encounter of the Hair Kind

Our eyes met from across the crowded Von's Supermarket aisles.

Feeling a little shy, we both glanced back down at the contents of our shopping carts. But we couldn't keep our eyes away from one another for long. It was a little like that ol' country song, "I was looking back to see if you were looking back to see . . . "

Finally, we both summoned the courage to approach one another. The shyness passed and a wide smile broke out on both of our faces.

When we met, we both blurted out simultaneously, "I love your hair." We chatted briefly, hugged one another and went our separate ways. It was a great way to commemorate my "coming out" without head covering at Von's.


Piper Robert said...

Good for you. I'm blessed to have you as my sister. Love ya!

p.s. Maude and Big Will are here!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I really applaud you for that statement. It must be so liberating.

suzy keleher said...

"you are so beautiful" is the song that comes to my mind, Lovey! Love, Suze

Karen said...

Maybe you feel like Muslim women feel when they go west and take off their burkas? I read an article recently about that in the LA Times -- how at first Muslim women feel incredibly self-conscious, naked. But I imagine it's a lot easier to get used to. (What I think would be embarrassing would be to WEAR a burka in the west.)

Difference is, for you, that you can't troup around with a pack of like-looking women. Do you ever forget your hair when you're out, the way you might forget that you wrote something on the back of your hand as a reminder until someone asks you "What's that?", or is it always on your mind?

Bravo for having the courage to be who you are!! I don't think I'd be so brave.

Mrs. Duck

Lilli said...

Thank you for sharing this touching story. And just for being so wonderful!

Susan Carrier said...

There's nothing like sheer comfort to trump vanity!

And I'm used to seeing cancer patients at CoH, but it was so cool to see that "they live among us."