Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life in the Slow Lane

For decades, the official slogan of Ravenswood, West Virginia, was "Living is good in Ravenswood." I always wanted to change the slogan to "Living is slow," but I guess we would have had to change the name of the town to "Ravenswoe" to make the rhyme work. "Living is slow in Ravenswoe." I think it's kinda' catchy, but I don't think the Chamber of Commerce would have bitten.

To get a better view of the slow life, I took a 3.5 mile walk around town last night. Here are a few things I observed:

1. It's not the heat, it's the humidity: Need I say more?

2. Practice the wave: I wave to everyone I see drive or walk by, whether I recognize them or not. God forbid that someone should later say, "I saw that Sue Strother walking last night and she's gotten so uppity since she moved to California." Never mind that I moved away more than 31 years ago.

3. This porch is made for sitting: With the abundance of craftsman homes in the Pasadena area, there's no shortage of front porches. But I can't remember the last time I saw someone actually sitting on one of them. Not so in Ravenswood. I must have seen (and waved to) more than a dozen porch sitters. They were no doubt drinking "sweet tea," the common name for iced tea with sugar.

4. Howdy is not the name of a puppet: People really do say "Howdy." And without a trace of irony.

5. Earplugs, please: This must be a locust year. Is it true that they come every seven years? I could have used a pair of earplugs to protect me from the din of the noisy creatures. But then I wouldn't have heard the folks yelling, "Howdy!"

PS A shout out to Bill and Melinda Gates, who made today's post possible.


SAMO Calling said...

Susan - I'm not familiar w/locusts, but I know Cicadas are pretty noisy. Could they be Cicadas?
What a picture you paint. Now, I'm longing for a sweet tea on anyone's porch.

Susan Carrier said...

There is technically a difference between cicadas and locusts and it makes me wonder which ones I really heard.

I do like the name "cicadas" a lot better than "locusts." Sounds a lot less plague-like!

Remember that wonderful restaurant Cicada in the old Oviatt Building downtown? I don't think anyone would ever name a restaurant Locust. Or would they?

Margaret Finnegan said...

Your blog is like your stem-cell harvesting: a person has to really stay on top of it. I skip a few days and you up and leave for West Virginia. I hope you are having a great time. It sounds humid an lovely. The other day I made a fabulous Pavlova with whipped cream and the most wonderful fresh fruit. I'll make you one when you get back.

Take care,

SAMO Calling said...

I think Cicadas are actually enamored by Europeans. French use the cicada on tablecloth fabrics.

To me they sound like very loud electrical wires clapping/buzzing.

Emmy said...

Your description of Ravenswood makes me want to pack it all in and move there (except for the humidity part).

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates lives in Ravenswood?? Now I've heard it all! LOL.

Tara in Virginia

Paula Johnson said...

Oh, Tara, you are a HOOT. Actually, Bill Gates OWNS Ravenswood.