Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mission Aborted

Whenever I tried to sit back, close my eyes and visualize millions of stem cells/stem ware glasses coursing through my blood/champagne, a strange thing happened. The crystal glasses would inevitably crash into one another and shatter. "Focus, Susan, focus." I tried again and again, but the visualization always went awry.

Minutes after the shattered vision, I received a message from Dr. Wang from the CoH Donor Center. "At this point it's unlikely that we'll be able to harvest enough stem cells," he said. "You'll be hearing from your nurse coordinator about another mobilization protocol that we'll try. See you in two to three weeks."

The "mobilization protocol" is AMD-3100 (aka Mozobil). It may sound like something that was deployed in Desert Storm, but it's a drug that's been successful in "mobilizing" 5 to 8 times more stem cells than Neupogen alone. It isn't offered as a first-line protocol because it's not yet on the market. I learned from a post on my Mantle Cell Lymphoma listserve that AMD-3100 can be prescribed in a "compassionate use program." I see that at least two of my "cell mates" used this drug and harvested enough stem cells within six days.

Time to pick up the pieces and try again.


janet aird said...

Shoot, Susan - No one could write a piece of fiction with more twists, turns and upheavals than this has taken you on. Glad you're hanging in (and on).

M&D said...

1. Hang in there, Gumby. We are pulling for you and know that you are on the golden path to getting better and better and better! Marco
2. Susan - you're my hero - you have such an ability to keep on trucking! I continue to give your blog to others who are going through their own challenges. Just know that you are making an impact on so many lives and are in our thoughts, always - Dee

Lisa Cooper-Keil said...

I find it amazing that when the broken glass can not be mended, you use the pieces to create a beautiful mosiac! What ever it takes, you will prevail! With love and hugs, Lisa