Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Think Funny - The Official Contest of Cancer Banter

It may not be the cure for cancer, but laughter really is the best medicine. No kidding - a few "ha ha's" a day have been known to boost the immune system and keep the doctor away.

So . . . which one of the following photo captions had you laughing out loud? Vote today and find out later this week who will be smearing Duke's Mayo on their BLTs or ALTs or BLATs or, heck, whatever else the winner wants to smear it on.

1. Born to be Mild

2. Heck on Wheels

3. Don't let the Christmas tree fool you. Those candles in the window are a Menorah.

4. Horse Thief!

5. Yes m'am, all cowboys reverse their underpants in the wild!

6. Christmas checklist: MY Boots, MY Bike, My Doll. Hey Robert, what did Santa bring you?

7. HI HO ChooChoo AWAY!

8. Catch me if you can Grandma!

9. Horse thief wins hearts from West Virginia to West Coast

10. Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls.
Lett'em be bikers and pianists instead.

11. Underpants!? We cowgirls don't need no steeenkin' underpants!

12. No I am NOT a tomboy! See my dolly?

13. I'll get you, granny ... and your fancy little apron, too!

P.S. I got in to Columbus at 11:30 pm last night and decided not to drive the 2.5 hours to West Virginia. Instead, I drove for an hour and spent the night at the computer-stocked Best Western in Zanesville (of pottery fame), Ohio.


Susan Carrier said...

13. I'll get you, granny ... and your fancy little apron, too!

This really made me laught out loud!

Susan Carrier said...

PS This was tough. Every one of the captions was clever.

janet aird said...

I vote for Duke's all round. Some of those are classic.

SAMO Calling said...

#13 got a good chuckle from me too. That's my pick.

Karen said...

I'll vote for #6.

Paula Johnson said...

I like #6 and #11.

Margaret Finnegan said...

Thirteen. Absolutely.


Piper Robert said...