Friday, August 10, 2007

The Shortest Distance

One of the first lessons we learned in Mr. Hutchinson's plane geometry class was "the shortest distance between two points is a line segment."

Duh! How much more obvious can you get? I didn't need a text book or a teacher to tell me that.

When it comes to my cancer treatments, I wish the most direct path was as obvious. I've moved forward, gone back to the starting point, veered off and swung back multiple times. I'm getting there; I'm just taking the scenic route.

It seems like everything in my life is taking the circuitous path these days. Since my WiFi connection went kaput a few weeks ago, I've been working from the basement, hooked up directly to the DSL connection.

I finally got around to purchasing a new WiFi router the other day. Nothing could be simpler than swapping out a router. Or so I thought. The directions for the installation said to run the enclosed CD before installing. I dutifully popped the CD into my laptop and immediately discovered that the disc only works with Windows. I have a Mac.

No problem, I thought. I'll exchange the router for one that doesn't have that limitation. One problem - the CD refuses to eject. There are "50 ways to leave your lover, " and there must be at least 15 ways to eject a CD. Not one of them worked.

I called Dino, a computer repair shop that specializes in Macs, but their first available slot is August 15. This means that I won't be able to use WiFi until I exchange the recently-purchased router for a new one that's Mac compatible. I can't do that until I can eject the CD. And I can't do that until my date with Dino's on the 15th. Geesh! Could the route to wireless be any more convoluted than that? If I had any hair left, I'd be pulling it out round about now.

I will eventually resolve the WiFi conundrum and I'll conquer all of the treatment obstacles. Just forget about that straight line.


Margaret Finnegan said...

Just read the last four or five of your posts. My goodness you've had a string of circuitiousness (can you have a string of circuitiouisness) lately. Hope the knew stuff kicks those stem cells into gear and that the computer gods decide to look kindly on you. Lilli Cloud has some computer guys she really likes. Maybe they could help you sooner. I'm reading Stephen King's book on writing (courteous Karen Klein, thanks Karen!) and I'm a little worried about you in that basement...


Suzy Keleher said...

Happy Birthday week! By the way,you looked fabulous this weekend,Darling! Young and vibrant and strong! You are the ultimate age defyer! That's you! yea,Susan, call those people in those cute little mini's...KFI 640 am always advirtises them. Things are moving forward...even if in a round about way. I love you. Prayin' for you, Love, Suze