Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Playing the numbers

Well, crap!

Susan just called from CoH to say yesterday's harvest resulted in a puny .28 million tally. This, after she gave herself all those shots! The first harvest after the booster drugs is supposed to net a bumper crop of stem cells.

She'll be in harvest mode today and tomorrow at least. She has .8 million cells on ice (they keep, unlike some of the UFO's in my freezer), and she needs a cool 5 million to get the job done. It may take her a month or two, but it's doable.

Really, really, really frustrating, but doable.

Bro, I think we're ready for the "spanking story" any time now!


Janet Aird said...

Oh, Susan, I'm so sorry. According to my math, you've harvested a fifth of what you need already. Can you just keep going?

frankie said...

keeping my fingers crossed

SAMO Calling said...

Don't much care for this news, but take what you've worked so hard for and at our end we'll continue to cheer you, poke you, prod you, and embrace you as you work at farming more!

Lilli said...

I know you'd rather get through this quickly, but the same tenacity and persistence that make you a great writer will get you through this too.

Hang in there. We're all cheering for you. Let us know when you need some in-person cheering as well, not just virtual!

Karen said...

Keep on keeping on, Susan! those stem cells will accumulate bit by bit I know. :-)

Meanwhile, when can any of us who are interested in donating (if the need arises) get tested?

Karen said...

You may have been born in West Virginia, but farming is obviously not your bailiwick. But you're an incredibly quick study, so maybe things will improve soon ... In the meantime, we'll keep on concentrating and, as Samo said, cheering and prodding and embracing you as you work at farming more!

Mrs. Duck