Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Country Roads

I'm leaving this morning for West (by God) Virginia, so you may not hear from me for a few days.

Keep those captions comin' in.


SAMO Calling said...

Don't forget to bring back the prized Mayo! Enjoy the visit home.

frankie said...

Have a very relaxing and enjoyable time... eating gravy hmmmmm :)
Will miss you.

Piper Robert said...

I'm sure Ninnie Choo Choo will eaves drop and comment using my computer. Who knows, maybe post another family photo.

Oh, yes. Sue will return home with three jars of the prized mayo! Duke's has a very long shelf life.

Emmy said...

Have a wonderful trip!! I'll miss your blogging and hope you cannot stay away from your brother's computer :-) Hugs,e

Piper Robert said...

Sue arrived safely in Ravenswood, WV. She informed me there is a computer available for public use at the Ravenswood Public Library, courtesy of the Gates Foundation. Hmmmmm......I wonder if it's dial up?

We didn't have a phone in our parent's home in Ravenswood, until I went to college. Progress is slow in some parts of this great country. Our Grandmother was probably one of the last phone subscribers to have a party line. But that's another story.