Thursday, August 23, 2007

One More Day

Dr. Han from the CoH donor center just called with disappointing numbers from today's harvest. The stem cell count dropped from .17 yesterday to .09 today. In order to have reached the 2 million goal by Saturday, I would have had to continue to pump out .17 million stem cells each day.

The total is now at 1.57 million. I've been asked to come in for one more day because miracles have been known to happen.


Paula Johnson said...

Forget the Six Million Dollar Man. What we need here is the Half-Million Cell Gal!

Emmy said...

Go Susan, Go!! I believe in miracles.
p.s. Love the "spanking" story. Your brother is a wonderful story teller.

Idelle Davidson said...

I know this is going to sound very new-agey, but I believe in thought trains, something you don't have to write, but you say in your head. Susan, all day long I'm going to be repeating what Paula said: "A half-million more stem cells, a half-million more...or at least.43!"

Frankie said...

Hoping today's harvest was plentiful.
Sending my love and prayers.

Barbara Roth said...

You deserve a miracle. Good luck with the numbers tomorrow and by the way, don't tell anyone but I turned my underwear inside out last week.