Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Trio

A pulmonologist, a hematologist and an infectious disease specialist walk into a bar.

I don't know why I find that set-up funny. I guess it's because I get a kick out of the title "infectious disease specialist," which sounds like something from a Michael Crichton novel. Very ominous.

Or maybe my funny bone is tickled at the thought of seeing my docs out of context. I'm picturing myself sipping a Manhattan at Smitty's. Suddenly, Dr. Horak (pulmonologist in scrubs and Crocs), Dr. Forman (hematologist in chinos and button-downs) and Dr. Dadwal (infectious disease specialist in pristine white lab coat) belly up to the bar together.

(I've never seen one of my doctors in a bar, but I did once run into my gynecologist at Burger Continental, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Pasadena. It was very awkward for both of us because we were embarrassed to be discovered eating in such a mediocre establishment.)

The problem is that I don't have a punch line. And the doctors, three of the best in their fields, still don't have an explanation. They have a lot of "suspicions," but nothing is conclusive.

Sometimes I think I just need to push myself a little harder. At other times, I think I'm trying too hard. But it doesn't seem to matter how much sleep or rest I get; I feel an overwhelming, crippling exhaustion.

And there's nothing funny about that.

(If you have a punch line, I'd love to hear it.)


Trish said...

well, it's not funny...but it is.

isn't it fun when you stump the docs? I had one doc tell me once "well, I don't think we can describe this in terms of Western medicine". I asked him to elaborate and he couldn't. I found another doctor who COULD explain the issue.

So...the three docs walk into a bar and order a round of margaritas as they tell the bartender "Whelp, we're stumped! Any ideas?". After the confab the bartender suggests they try looking at page 123 of their specialty medical books and they will find the answer.

Either that, or page 42, which as everyone knows, is THE answer to everything.

I suspect you've got something. Dunno what it is, but it is something. It may also be, as I have had, your body saying "Don't DO that to me again" in response to all that you've been through with treatment. I know *my* body has done that, a few times.

Breathe. Keep taking meds. Drink plenty of water and well, when you're up to it, have a Manhattan. Or two, or three. Ya never know, it MIGHT just put some pounds on you! ;-)


Susan C said...

Hilarious, Trish!

Funny, but I can't imagine "my team" drinking margaritas.

Trish said...

it's supposed to be ironic...'ritas for the docs--so out of place! ;-)

or would it be better if they were doing shots of J├Ągermeister?

what might clear their minds enough to find *the* answer?

am not sure I could see most of my docs doing more than sipping a crisp chardonnay or pinot gri quietly in a corner.

then again, I once had a straight-laced teacher whom I ran into in a bar, doing shots and dancing with a stripper---way out of place for her and totally blew my mind in class from then on out.

Susan C said...

I think we should have the docs should order strawberry 'ritas. :)

Barbara Roth said...

Hang in there. Don't try to do anymore then necessary. Put your feet up and eat bon-bons. By the way, remember my mom, she used to say that doctors were only "practicing" medicine.

Nancy said...

Well, I know two of three of these docs pretty well. I can't say that I'd expect to see any of them in a bar, but maybe that's what they need? Maybe they are thinking so clearly that they can't see something more obvious. It might come to them if their head was in a little fog. Maybe things need to be a bit more blurry?

Anyways, Susan, take care of yourself and don't overdo it. How's your EOS count? I have a friend who had to go through photo-pheresis following transplant. I'll call you on this tomorrow.

Rest, my dear. It was good to see you today..... love, nancy