Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lazy Susan

I admit it.

I Google myself. When you're a writer and a blogger and a bit of a busy-body, it's fun to see what's out there.

A couple weeks ago, if you did a Google image search on my name, a head shot from my former employer would pop up first, followed closely by shots of me at a clothing swap party and a Media Bistro party. (Yea, I'm the original par-tay girl.)

Now I've been upstaged by a "lazy Susan Carrier," a crafty accessory for those spinning table tops popular in familly-style Chinese restaurants.

It's ironic because I consider lazy to be one of the world's worst pejoratives. Clean it up a little and call it indolent, and it's still an ugly little adjective. I always feel a little sorry for some cancers, such as Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, that are branded as indolent. Cancer is a nasty thing, but do we really need to insult it too?

But now my name and lazy are number one on Google, during a time when my energy is low and my spunk is in a funk. Talk about a low blow!

I'm looking forward to reverting back to the opposite of indolent: active, busy, diligent, energetic, enthusiastic, hard-working, industrious, intent. Put that on your lazy susan and spin it!


Ann said...

I once googled myself--pre-marriage, and discovered that I shared it with an actress of dubious regard. Cue funky 70's music and dim the lights. Oh, the humanity. :)

janet aird said...

You may not be feeling well, but you're still funny.

Barbara Roth said...

This was a very spunky clever posting even if you don't feel it. You'll never be lazy or indolent in my book. I don't have the courage to google myself. You are a hero for all you gone through and kept a cheerful attitude. It might be ok to be indolent for a while, since you have so much non indolent credit in the bank

Doreen said...

Thx for a good laugh! I always had wanted a big old round table with a big old round spinning wooden lazy susan - childhood memories of the BEST Chinese banquets ever (always 15+ courses). I NEVER would associate YOU with the word lazy (altho in defense of the word lazy, what about conjuring up the grade school summer feelings of that lovely phrase - lazy hazy days of summer...). Be well! Enjoy these summer days!

About Margaret Finnegan said...

Like Doreen, I feel a bit of a need to stand up for the word lazy. In this age of hyper competitiveness, the act of lazing can sometimes be a laudable counter cultural choice. I think the universe -- via Google of all places -- is telling you to embrace your inner sloth. You go, girl. Or rather, don't you go, girl. Sit. Stay.