Monday, August 18, 2008

It's not my imagination

Silly me. I thought that my appointments at the City of Hope were today. Mary escorted me to my first appointment for a chest x-ray, and I found out that I'm scheduled for Thursday. Oh.

I was especially eager to see a doctor today because I woke up with a slight temperature that slowly rose to 101. Dr. Forman had already told me that I should not be experiencing any kind of temperature spikes while on the Prednisone.

I called Barb, Dr. Forman's nurse practitioner, and she whisked me away to the ETC (evaluation treatment center). During my seven-hour stay, they made arrangements for another chest x-ray, a chest CT scan, lots of blood work and a meeting with the infectious disease specialist.

I learned that my lungs look worse than they did after the last CT scan two weeks ago. I didn't think I was improving and feared that I was getting worse. Now at least I know that it wasn't just my imagination.

I left with several new prescriptions, along with a much more aggressive, 3x day dose of Bactrim (instead of twice a week). Let's hope this does the trick.


Nancy said...

EWWWWWWW, we can be on bactrim together. I'm on Bactrim DS (double strength), taking 2 pills -3 times per day = 6/day. Major dosage...

Are you still going in on Thursday? I also have an appointment on Thursday for follow up on my pneumonia situation. My appointments start at 12:30. Maybe we can get together. Two sicko's.... I hope you don't have pneumonia, too!

You have my cell phone number, so call when you get there. Take care & take it slow girl.
love, Nancy

Karen said...

Sorry to hear this, Susan, but very glad you were there when the temp went up. Always good to get sick(er) while you're already at the hospital!

Have they got any idea what's causing the problem in your lungs? Is it a side effect of the chemo?

Let me know if you want to do something this week, or if you don't feel up to it that's okay too.

Susan C said...

Yea, we're a couple of sickies, Nancy. I'm now on the same Bactrim dosage. Hope to see you Thursday.

Still not conclusive what's causing illness, but it's not chemo damage.

Low grade fever and lots of sleep today.

Trish said...

okay girlfriend---you win the sicko award---the one no one wants to "win". Sorry to hear the latest news, but as karen said, at least you were at CoH to get treatment asap.

My lungs are getting better as are my numbers, slowly. A week off of everyday life helped a bit---though I could strangle my nephew!

You've got my cell too, though I'm at a distance, I can always listen.

Breathe, relax and let those meds do their job.


susiegb said...

oooh Susan! Hope the double dose of Bactrim works! I was on the twice a week dose last year when I was having chemo, but thankfully that is all in the past for me.

I look at your blog every day hoping to hear you're getting well again ... Really hope you turn the corner soon!


Susan C said...

Trish, nice to hear from you. I've been thinking about you.

Susie, thanks for following and hoping.

Rebecca said...

Susan! I wander off for a month or so, assuming you're better and come back to read this!!! Augh!!! We are thinking of you here in Boston. So glad COH is there to get you better. Please take care of yourself, dear!