Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ironic Death

Dave Freeman, author of 100 Things to Do Before You Die, didn't get to complete his bucket list before kicking the bucket. At age 47, he died as the result of a fall and head injury.

He had only completed half of his list.

(For my take on the "Before You Die" publishing mania and my quest for the perfect purse, click here.)


Paula L. Johnson said...

This reminds me of Jim Fixx, author of the Complete Book of Running. He died of a heart attack after his daily run.

However, heart disease ran in his family, so running may have prolonged his life.

I'm glad Dave Freeman worked through half his list! That's a lot more than the majority of people do.

Susan C said...

Yes, Jim Fixx definitely falls under the category of ironic deaths.

I was a little freaked out that Freeman died from a head injury from falling (since I have taken so many spills lately).