Saturday, August 9, 2008

Help! There's a Chihuahua in my kitchen.

Cynthia caught me at a weak moment yesterday, which wasn't difficult since my day was a series of weak moments.

You know that it's not going to end well when the conversation begins, "Mom. [delivered with staccato urgency] I have something to tell you, but you need to promise not to yell at me."

Of course, this line guarantees that she is going to drop a bomb so explosive that hootin' and hollerin' is the only recourse. I could feel my blood pressure rising already, but I said, "What, honey?"

"OK. Here's the story. My friend is living in an apartment. She has a dog, but she's not allowed to keep it there any more. I told her that we could take care of the dog until she finds a new home for it."

Her friend is the daughter of my friend, who I took under my wing a decade ago. The family lives in King's Villages in Pasadena (aka the projects).

In my weakened state, I looked up and said, "And this would be temporary until we can find it a permanent home?" Who was I to deny my 19-year-old daughter the joys of animal rescue and lending a helping hand?

"Yes, Mommy," she agreed.

This whole scenario reminds me of when Cynthia was a candy-cravin' pre-schooler.

"Mommy, can I eat a piece of candy?" she'd ask.

"No, munchkin, you may not eat a piece of candy," I'd respond.

"Then, Mommy, can I just HOLD a piece of candy?"

Did I look like I had "FOOL" written across my forehead? (Don't answer that rhetorical question.)

But my daughter's never been a fool (irresponsible, yes but fool, no). Now the "candy," a Chihuahua named Brownie, is "in her hands." We just need to get him out of her sticky little fingers before he ends up a permanent part of her digestive system.

(Barbara R.: This one's for you!)


SAMO Calling said...

yo quiero taco bell! Your right, you've been had Susan!

Barbara Roth said...

Oh no you don't!

Susan C said...

Samo: Ya' think?!?

Barbara: Don't panic. I meant the story, not the dog.

Doreen said...

Oh my, like me, you fell for daughter and doggie puppy eyes! We are still looking for an owner who is home alot for Nelly, the chow mix, who is an incredibly sweet and wonderful dog. She spends daytime and early evening with us and nights with bachelor friend Joel who is moving in just a few houses up from you by the end of the month. Joel is falling for Nelly... if only he didn't work such long hours... If you see him (tall, could be Charley's brother) walking Nelly, introduce yourself - otherwise, I'll let you know about the first pool party!

Lilli said...

Maybe that new movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua (which looks horrible, by the way), will make Chihuahuas popular again, like the Taco Bell ads. Here's hoping.

Jean Spitzer said...

Sounds like Brownie got very lucky to be cared for by your daughter.