Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was lucky enough to have a photo session with my friend and favorite photographer, Skye Moorhead, earlier this year. (Thanks to Chris at Geltz Comm.)

I arrived a little early and witnessed another woman being photograped. She looked beautiful, but she wasn't moving or changing expression while the photographer clicked away. I learned from this and made a mental note to make like a model so that all 150 pics didn't look the same.

I was ready for my close-up.

I sat down in the chair and started making large, gross changes in both my pose and expression. I'm sure the results looked goofy and unnatural. And then Skye spoke one word that changed everything. "Incremental."

I caught on immediately and started making subtle, almost imperceptible, changes in pose and expression. Nearly all 150 of my photos look great and I have a tremendous variety of poses and moods to select from. In addition to two talented photographers, a creative makeup artist and beautiful lighting, I believe a big part of the success of the shoot came from that one word, incremental.

Right now I'm trying to return to good health. Each morning I wake up mentally ready to bounce out of bed and take on the world again, but my body isn't ready. I want to make one big, sweeping move that will fix everything, but it's just not happening that way.

I am improving each day since I started the Prednisone on Monday, but the changes are gradual and incremental, not sudden and sweeping. I think Skye would approve.


Ann said...

Susan, you're just flat out beautiful. Take it easy and before you know it, you'll be bouncing around like Tigger.

Lilli said...

I've been missing from the blogosphere, but not in my concern for you. Hopefully, they're getting you back on track now and you'll be running around again, even incrementally, very soon.

Awesome photos! Have a milkshake for me!!

Barbara Roth said...

Incremental, I like that. You look wonderful in the photos. I remember the bow-heads and the research you did at a sleep over years ago. Do you remember that you uncovered the fact, that bowheads actually sleep with their bows on? Let me know when you find out who the 2 hour feet lady is. Hang in there and you'll be feeling better and better.

Trish said...

truly a beautiful woman in all your increments!

am hooked up to my current IV and showed your pix around---everyone here agrees with me! You've got cancer peeps in NorCal rootin for you.

Susan C said...

I hate to admit this, but I think I look better in the pictures than I do in real life. (So, Trish and Ann, don't expect too much when you finally meet me in person.)

LOL, Barbara. I forgot about that crisp bow, looking just as crisp in the morning as it did the night before. I think some bow-head mothers have the bows permanently attached.

Trish, you have WiFi in the IV? Cool!