Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A BIG Date

Yes, I've dumped the date book, but I do have at least one special event on my calendar for September. Piper Robert and his Bonnie lass will be getting married at our home in a small ceremony on September 20.

They're doing all of the planning remotely from West Virginia with the help of a Pasadena friend. I'm told that all I have to do is show up.

I think I can manage that.


Piper Robert said...

Hey, Sis, thanks for the ad, because the blog family is invited. I would love to meet all the regular commentors.

Everyone is probably wondering how do you plan a wedding in WV to be held in Altadena?

Cell phone? We're no longer on a party line, so the convenience factor is awesome. Nobody listening/eavesdropping. We have heard about cell phones, but are somewhat skeptical of new technology.
Although, we did buy a VHS player and love it.

Internet? WV has the best dial up system in the nation. I'm told my Atari keyboard is slightly dated.

Wedding plans? Not all weddings in WV are of the shotgun variety.

Reception buffet? Yes, with NO roadkill. We want fare that everyone will enjoy.

Music? A classical trio of banjo, fiddle and guitar was our first choice, but are having problems locating a reputable group in the Altadena area. We'll go with plan B. Celtic harp, violin, and cello.

Sis, you and George are the absolute greatest. A huge thank you for hosting such an important event for Bonnie and I. All that you're going through and still insisting we have our wedding are one fantastic lady.

Thanks for getting us in touch with wedding planner Susan. She is exactly what the doctor ordered. Very pleased she's on-board.

Love ya!!!

Timothy Rutt, said...

Are there going to be a lot of guests? Will they be parking in front of my house? Just tryin' to anticipate the neighborhood effects, doncha know ....

Susan C said...

Don't worry. Piper Robert is thinking blogally, but I'm trying to help keep it down to a very modest guest list.