Friday, July 18, 2008

You're beautiful and I love you

When I was going through treatment last year, my friend Bob would leave a lavish message for me once a week: "This message is for my dear and beautiful friend Susan to tell her that I love her."

Call me easy, but these words in Bob's mellifluous voice would melt my heart every time.

Is it any wonder I make mad dashes to SF? Now that Bob is fading, I never miss an opportunity to tell him, "You're beautiful, and I love you." The words always bring a smile to his face.

The titles on Bob's bookshelf reveal his beautiful mind.
I love the title "Black Intellectuals, Black Cognition and the Black Aesthetic."


Doreen said...

Glad to see your posting. Hope you are feeling better. You're beautiful and everyone loves you!

Susan Carrier said...

Ahhh, thanks, Doreen. I never get tired of hearing that. :)

And thanks so much for supporting me and the LLS Light the Night!