Saturday, July 19, 2008


How are you feeling? Either the steroid or the antibiotic is working its magic. The prednisone gives me a little artificial boost of energy. I'm coughing much less and walking a little farther before I start gasping for air. All in all, much better.

How is Puss getting along with the other Carrier pets? I try to do at least two "meeting of the mutts" sessions per day. At first, Puss would let out one continuous hiss when she encountered any of the creatures. Now she pauses for several long seconds between hisses. And she's no longer lashing out with her claws at Betty. Good signs! (Since I wrote this, we had a hiss-free encounter between Betty and Puss this morning.)

When are you going to post on your food blog again? After a two-week dry spell, I just posted on Open Mouth, Insert Fork this morning. Click here if you're ready for a slice of fresh peach pie.


West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better. Nancy G and I are planning to go to the IWOSC thing on Monday too. It sounds like Barb's car is already full, so Nancy and I will drive separately. The big thing is: which restaurant do you want to go to?

Susan Carrier said...

"Which restaurant do you want to go to?"

Now THAT'S the most frequently asked question. And I keep lists, just so I always have an answer!