Wednesday, July 16, 2008

While you were sleeping . . .

Mothers of young infants are frequently told, "Nap while the baby naps."

I often take this same approach during visits with my friend Bob. After he fell asleep, I curled up on the love seat in the room and attempted to join him in slumber.

But sleep wouldn't come, and the dismal hospice room was depressing without Bob's presence. You see, the VA is in drastic need of a cosmetic overahaul. Much of the medical equipment looks rusty, the bare walls are dirty and the floorboard mouldings are cracking and peeling away from the walls. But the hospital, located on a bluff in Lincoln Park above the Pacific Ocean, is surrounded by beauty.

So I slipped out of the room and drove a few blocks east to visit the Women Impressionists exhibit at the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum for my transfusion of beauty. The exhibit features the four major women artists of the Impressionist era.

The Legion of Honor is just a few blocks away from the VA.
I love the way the bridesmaids' dresses coordinated with the glass sculpture by Chihuly.

This magnificent view is from the entrance to the Legion of Honor museum

These were taken in front of the VA Medical Center's dining facility. The food sucks, but the view rocks.

Bob was still sleeping when I returned an hour and a half later. I curled up on the love seat and day dreamed about my favorite memories with Bob and the surrounding beauty of Lincoln Park.

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