Monday, July 14, 2008

Those wacky eosinophils

For the last three months, I've been writing about my elevated eosinophils (aka EOS). The EOS are a component of the white blood cells, and usually kick into high gear to fight a parasite or an allergy. The norm is 0-6%, but mine have been hovering around 55%.

In May when we first discovered the high count, we talked about the possibility of a parasite. But since I was symptom-free, we figured it was just a temporary allergic reaction.

In June, we thought the rise in EOS may have been due to the Minocyclin I was taking for my cutis laxa (lax skin). Minocyclin has been known to cause elevated EOS counts, so I went off the antibiotic.

I figured that I would go in today for my appointment with Dr. Forman and find out that my EOS count had settled down. But it hasn't.

The EOS was at nearly 55 and my overall WBC count has risen from 9 last month to 15 today (11 is high normal). And, lest anyone with leukemia start shaking, Dr. Forman, said that the elevated WBC was in direct correlation to the EOS, so not to worry.

So . . . I'll be collecting three stool samples this week and then revisiting Dr. Forman on Monday. If it's a parasite, I'll be referred to a GI specialist. If not . . . I'll cross that bridge next week.

It will be a relief to treat whatever this is. I've been experiencing a lot of troublesome symptoms for the last month, and I've felt especially sluggish for the last two weeks:

- Fatigue
- Unexplained weight loss (six pounds in two months)
- Dizzy spells
- Shortness of breath
- Chronic cough
- Lots of mucus in stool (and other GI complaints)

(With all this in mind, aren't you amazed that I drove solo to SF and pulled off the great cat-napping caper?)


Nancy said...

I'm assuming your other counts are normal? I, for one, am amazed you drove solo to SF. I was actually worried about you making the trek! But, as usual, you came through with flying colors! You cease to amaze me. Let's get whatever is ailing you, taken care of so you can continue enjoying life!!! Good luck with the the upcoming appointments! Keep in touch. Love, nancy

Susan Carrier said...
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Susan Carrier said...

My hemoglobin is normal and my RBCs and platelets are just below normal, so that's good news.

Susan Carrier said...

PS I just got a call from my GP, who I saw on Thursday before making the decision to drive to SF. His first question was, "How was the drive to SF? I hope you had a good time." I think I gravitate towards doctors who encourage me to do what I want!